News 10 november 2017

In the spotlight

Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan considers the important aspects of the country's development

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers G.Myradov reported on the results of the preparatory work on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Programme, adopted by the UN member-states in Turkmenistan.


IMF forecasts the growth of economic activity of Turkmenistan

IMF communication prepared by the experts on this account says that during the visit of the delegation of this competent financial delegation chaired by Mr Martin Sommer to Ashgabat on November 1 – 8, 2017, it has the meetings with authorised personnel of the state bodies, representatives of real and financial sectors, scientific circles and diplomatic community. Issues of macroeconomic and financial situation, economic challenges as well as forecast of our country development in the nearest future were the main subject of the meetings.


Priorities of the Turkmen-Saudi trade and economic cooperation discussed in Riyadh

According to the Vice Premier, the issues of the trade and economic and investment cooperation, including in the framework of the fuel and energy sector were discussed and the specified agreements were achieved in a number of areas during a regular session of the Turkmen-Saudi Intergovernmental Commission. The heads of the sphere of industry and power economy of Turkmenistan, as well as large companies in Saudi Arabia took part in the meeting.


Days of Russian cinema introduced Turkmen people to bright director's and actor's works

Tamara Glazunova

The movie "Anna Karenina opened the program of Days. The story of Vronsky. " The well-known novel of Lev Tolstoy found a continuation in the version of Karen Shahnazarov. Apparently, for Shahnazarov was difficult to come to terms with the tragic death of Anna, so he decided to punish Vronsky, sending him to seek death in the Japanese war. To do this, the director united Lev Tolstoy's novel "Anna Karenina" with the work of Vikenty Veresaev "In the Japanese War." Accept the director's interpretation or not – is the audience’s decision. However, it is difficult to imagine that after what happened to Anna, Vronsky could enjoy life in high society ... Perhaps after watching the movie of Karen ...