News 11 november 2017


Number of scientific meetings dedicated to the reforms in agricultural complex takes place on the threshold of the Harvest Holiday

Elena Dolgova

Scientific conference on social aspects of large-scale reformation of this sphere and education of responsible approach to land management was held in the conference hall of the Academy of Science with participation of the representatives of the Democratic Party and Magtumguly Youth Organization.


Azat Nurmamedov – a silver prize-winner of the Cup of Michael Botvinnik among young chess players

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The school was established 35 years ago, but in the past two years Turkmen chess players became world champions in a number of age categories. So, in December of last year this title in the category under 17 was won by Saparmurat Atabaev, Bagul Ezizova became world champion twice: at first in the age category under 7, then – under 9. Schoolchildren of the school, among whom - seven grand masters, constant prize-winners of championships of Asia and other international tournaments.


The sum of export transactions at the exchange auctions made up about 68,5 million US dollars

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

For the foreign currency businessmen from the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and others bought petrol and liquefied gas manufactured at Turkmenbashi oil refineries complex. Besides it, for the foreign currency coloured terry products, cotton yarn, extract of liquorice root were realised. The countries-buyers: Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan. The total sum of transactions exceeded 68 million 421 thousand US dollars.


Ashgabat and Dashoguz to get acquainted with the rich palette of the Uzbek culture

Among them are the reception of the delegation in the Ministry of Culture of our country, the meetings of the workers of culture, cinema festivals, the exhibitions of decorative and applied arts as well as the concerts. The creative forum closing ceremony will take place in Nurmuhammet Andalib State Musical Theatre in Dashoguz.


An important environmental project is implemented at the Botendag hill bordering on the Aral Sea region

Batyr Urayev

Priority direction of state policy is an environmental protection, careful and rational use of natural resources. The solution of water supply issues, optimization of crop rotation, reclamation of sown areas, restoration of saline lands, maintenance of drainage collectors in proper condition is considered as an integral aspect of improving the quality of life of the population. Today the state successfully implements a number of large-scale projects on resolution of environmental problems.