News 13 september 2017

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Flags of Turkmenistan, the Olympic Council of Asia and the countries, participating in the 2017 Asian Games raised in the Olympic Village

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

We expect the arrival of high-ranking honorary guests, heads of states, prominent political figures, and heads of international organization by September 17, when the 2017-Ashgabat Games will start. The delegations of the participants of the V Asian Games have arrived in the Turkmen capital these days.


Bright pages of the Turkmen sports’ history – in the exposition of the State Museum

Enejan ALTYEVA, head of department of the State Museum of Turkmenistan

The organizers of the exposition invite the visitors to look deep into the centuries, when the ancient intellectual game – chess was born. Clay figures, found in the burials of the ancient country of Margush arouse keen interest among visitors. They dated back to the III-II millennium BC. In addition, chess figures carved from wood and bones from the Middle Ages are exhibited there. The photo-image of the sculpture of the descendant of the Turkmen khan from Dekhistan - Abubakra As-Suli, who lived in Baghdad, the capital of the Arab caliphate in the tenth century continued the chess story. He was the author of many scientific works and a passionate admirer of chess. The artist Juma Khudayguliyev ...

2017 Asian

Participants of the 5th Asian Games arrive in Ashgabat

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat lives in the Asiada, the whole atmosphere of the capital is saturated with the anticipation of a great holiday, which is about to break out in a fireworks spectacular in its intensity and beauty spectacles - exciting competitions for the championship titles.


Next issue of «Turkmenistan. Sport» magazine is dedicated to the V Asian Games

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

This is also discussed in publications reflecting the successive steps taken by the Head of the state to develop the international sports movement. This topic was fundamental in the opening speech of the President of Turkmenistan at the International Congress "Asian Games-2017: International Sport Cooperation for Peace and Progress".

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The head of state begins the work on a new book

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The President concerned with the housing conditions of horses. This equestrian center is an evidence of how trembling and touching love is to these glorious creatures of nature in Turkmenistan. Here it does a great job for preserving the breed purity of the “heavenly” horses, improving their exterior and increasing the elite livestock.