News 4 september 2017

In the spotlight

Turkmenistan citizens celebrate Eid Al Adha

The main square of Anau with improvised Turkmen village with decorated tents and swings is the centre of the celebrations in Ahal Velayat. Horse riders sat with a proud on ahalteke horse, handcraft women demonstrated their skills, men made fires under large cauldrons. Honoured elders together with the youth cooked dograma and the smell of tasty pilav spread everywhere. There were big celebration concert of the artists of Cultural Department of the velayat cities and etraps.


Student of the power engineering institute master new metal processing methods


The centre occupies a separate training and production building. The light spacious auditoriums are equipped with turning machines, powerful hydraulic press, squaring shears and other instruments produced by the world leading manufacturers. Specialists from India provided significant assistance in equipping the centre. The new equipment was successfully tested in the framework of the scheduled training sessions.


Experimental pistachio samples please the scientists of the Botanical garden with high crop yield

Eke ATAYEV, chief research associate the Institute of Biology and Medical Plants of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan

In our country, scientists work on crossing cultivated varieties with wild forms to get large fruits and preserve the taste of nuts. Specialists of the Botanical Garden of the Institute of Biology and Medicinal Plants spend many years of research in cooperation with environmentalists and landscape architects, who introduce pistachios both in the cultural zone and at the foothills. The analysis of health properties of the plant is held based on the selection, crossing, exchange of seedlings and seeds, which scientists regularly receive from places of natural growth of the species. Most of all, Pistacia vera - the planting material, which is grown in a number of nurseries is used. The ...