News 22 january 2018


Turkmens lived from olden times on the just and noble laws of their ancestors

Vladimir ZAREMBO

In the beginning, Lomakin tried to compile a set of Turkmen laws, confining himself to questions of people's judges, studying court decisions. He faced the fact that different judgements were often issued on the same type of cases. This confirmed him in his thought: the people are judged not by the Turkmen custom. "Where there is affinity, kinship or self-interest, one can not seek justice," Lomakin writes, and decided to study primordial customs in the people's environment, through respected aksakals, in detours of auls, without interpreters help. The information received in one aul was checked in another, third, fourth. It was easy for him, because he mastered the Turkmen language perfectly. Within three years, ...


Turkmen schoolchildren won four medals at the 14th International Zautykov Olympiad

Victoriya NOVIKOVA

The most popular in number of participants were "fights" between young mathematicians; more than 200 children attended them. The rest competed in the knowledge of physics and information technology.


The new exploratory well of the Ekizak field received an industrial inflow of oil and gas


In the present, the management team at the disposal of which high-performance machinery is expanding the geography of prospecting works in the Ekeremo-Gogerendag zone, where, according to forecasts of geologists, there are abundant reserves of oil and gas. Striking confirmation of this was the exploratory well No. 16 on the Ekizak field, the design depth of which is 3600 meters. During the drilling from the depth of the horizon of 3400 meters was obtained an industrial inflow of oil and gas.


Diplomats, travellers and merchants of the Medieval expand the horizons of knowledge about West and East

Ruslan Muradov

First, there were three categories of people – the diplomats, merchants and travellers. While the first two were motivated by commercial side, the last one tried to learn more about unknown places, to understand the surrounding world and to make correct maps. The efforts in these directions were taken both in East and West countries. For example, roman geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus made very important information for those times about land trans-Asian route. In 160 – 180, he wrote the book where he used the information of his predecessor, Greek cartographer Marinus of Tyre whose works did not survived until our days. Particular, it mentioned some Maes Tiziano, the Macedonian and ...


Francisk Skorina's Book Legacy to be presented to the State Library of Turkmenistan

The facsimile edition “Francisk Skorina's Book Legacy” (2013-2017) was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Belorussian and Eastern-Slavic book-printing. In the framework of the hard work, the electronic copies of the books by the well-known humanist and enlightener scattered all around the world were found and. The multivolume collection includes the works, published in Prague and Vilno in 1517-1525, that familiarizes the readers with the valuable layer of Belorussian history and culture.

In the spotlight

The Ambassador of India express the gratitude to Turkmen leader for the support of work of diplomatic mission

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Having expressed the gratitude for spared time, the Ambassador noted that India comprehensively supports the policy of wide international cooperation led by Turkmenistan that is serves as the key factor in promotion of important international initiatives proposed by Turkmen leader for the consolidation of peace, stability and prosperity in regional and global scale.