News 4 january 2018


The President of Uzbekistan congratulates the President of Turkmenistan on the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations

“It is a pleasure to note that for the short historical period, we have managed to bring centuries-old and traditionally close Uzbek – Turkmen relations to the level of strategic partnership based on strong friendship ties, inviolable principles of good neighbourliness, trust and equal rights, mutual support and consideration of common interests, - the message says.


President of Turkmenistan makes personnel appointments

Guvanchali Mammetgulievich Bairamov – Deputy Minister of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan;

In the spotlight

Turkmenistan among popular tourist places in 2018

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Recently, RAI3 channel of Italian State TV Corporation that specializes in educational programmes about the culture named Turkmenistan as one of the best tourist routes in 2018.


Industrial gas flow with daily debit of more than one million cubic meters is received from Minara 3 field in Mary Velayat

Vladimir Komarov

Specialists of Lebapnebitgazozleg Department make successful exploration of hydrocarbon resources throughout Turkmenistan. Last year, the drillers handed over the well with high crude oil output in Ekerem (Balkan Velayat) to production staff. The Department carries out exploration works in seaside at Akpatlavy, Gerchek and Yzynada fields and in Halkabad 2 and Tajibay fields of Lebap Velayat where they plan to discover natural gas and condensate deposits.


It is exported the most produced part of reprocessed fiber in the country

Vladimir KOMAROV

High-tech equipment allows to turn textile wastes into products used in the manufacture of mattresses, pillows or non-woven materials. In the current economic conditions, most manufacturers in the textile industry, particularly those who produce bedding, have started using reprocessed fiber obtained during the processing of special sewing waste units. Most of the RF produced at the Abadan factory is exported. This production is in great demand at the enterprises of Turkey, the Russian Federation and other countries.