News 8 january 2018

In the spotlight

Key aspects of country’s development are reviewed at video conference session

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

First, the Head of the State called Hyakim of Ashgabat Sh. Durdiliyev who reported on integrated measures for urban planning of the capital and creation of green zones. The information on the situation at the construction sites of various facilities as well as on the key aspects of the modernization of the infrastructure of the main city of the country was presented.


Turkmenistan restores the Silk Route in railway format

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Development of the most advantageous routes connecting the countries of huge Asian continent including transit corridors of Turkmenistan meets the objectives of the development of logistic system of our state taking into account its favourable geographic location. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who initiated large-scale transport projects aimed at the formation of multimodal infrastructure, notes that the expansion of transit capabilities of our state is one of the important conditions of social, economic and technical progress and involvement of Turkmenistan into national economic relations.


President of Turkmenistan Makes Personnel Appointments

Rejepalyyev, Atamyrat Gurbandurdyyevich was appointed hakim (executive head) of the municipal district of Buzmeyin of the city of Ashgabat;


Turkmen alabay is national heritage, faithful friend and indispensable assistant

Galina Kamahina, the Candidate of Biological Sciences

In the ancient time when people were tending sheep around their houses at nearby pastries, the dogs were used for protection of the settlements. However, the epoch of nomadic cattlemen has started in the beginning of I B.C. They went with their flocks to the remote pastries where their life was unthinkable without such friend and defender as the dog. The ancestors of modern Turkmen alabays helped to tender sheep and protect their owners and livestock from predators. Turkmen alabay is tough dog and not particular about food, which is able to defend the flock from the predators and have just some bread for a long time.


The range of LED lamps produced in the country will be expanded in 2018

Vladimir KOMAROV

The business entity “Aydin gidzheler”, created with the assistance of the “Turkmenmashinstroy” Concern, the Ministry of Industry and the individual enterprise "Teze zaman gurlyshikchi" of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan mastered the production of LED lamps for household and industrial premises during 2017, also expanded their product range. From the assembly line came two million products - lamps with a power from 3,5,6,9,12,18, 24 watts, which corresponds to a range of incandescent lamps from 40 to 240 watts.