News 11 february 2018

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President of Turkmenistan inspects the technological infrastructure and potential of the air forces

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

As is known, the President of Turkmenistan regularly inspects the progress of the modernization and reformation of the law enforcement agencies of the country, the current situation in the military and law enforcement agencies, the samples of new equipment, paying particular attention to the creation of the favourable conditions for the members of the armed forces.


New issue of specialized magazine is dedicated to new buildings in Ashgabat and tendencies of urban construction

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

From issue to issue, the magazine tells about successes and achievements of architecture and construction complex of Turkmenistan. Published in Turkmen, English and Russian languages, the magazine supports the development of international exchange of the information in this sphere, cooperation between the investors, clients, designers, producers and suppliers of building materials and equipment, the implementation of advanced technical solutions and new ideas, innovative scientific developments.


Michelangelo's canvases travel the route of the Great Silk Road


As noted in an interview with the culture attaché of the Italian diplomatic representation Mikela Sandini, the residents of Baku and Tbilisi become acquainted with the works of Caravaggio. The exhibition from Ashgabat will go to Tashkent. "Choosing this route," noted Signora Sandini, "the organizers wanted to recreate one of the segments of the Great Silk Road. The digital technology use has allowed with a high degree of certainty to transmit every detail of the works of Caravaggio. Thanks to this, visitors, acquainted with the pictures, experience the same visual and emotional sensations, as well as from the contemplation of the original. Ashgabat residents have an opportunity to get acquainted with the 19th canvases of ...


Unique findings from Dandanakan witnesses about the development of oriental medicines


Both local residents and travellers who got sick while travelling used to ask for help in the maristans. Very often, people went intentionally with the caravans from the distance to this or that city where some famous doctor used to live. It was the maristans where such famous doctors and scientists as Biruni and Avicenna (Ibn Sina) were practicing.