News 23 may 2018


Representatives of Turkmenistan mass media get acquainted with the international standards of TV and radio broadcasting

OSCE international experts – Anna Kachkaeva (Russia) and Arkady Mayofis (Israel) presented different models of broadcasting, focusing on the respective advantages and challenges of public service, private and commercial television.


Container train runs along the North-South corridor

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Inclusion of the railway network of Turkmenistan into the regional logistics system meets the objectives of the development of our country's economy given the advantages of its geographical location. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who initiated large-scale transport projects aimed at building a multimodal infrastructure, notes that the expansion of transit potential of our state is one of the most important conditions for the socio-economic and technological progress, Turkmenistan's involvement in the world economic relations.


Peter Burian expressed the intent of European community to expand the cooperation with Turkmenistan

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

During the conversation, the guest noted the importance of the election of the Mejlis deputies of the VI Convocation in March of this year, which marked new stage of democratic changes in independent neutral Turkmenistan.


“Russia Today” is interested in cooperation with Turkmen colleagues

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Having learnt Turkmenistan better, the guest of TV channel Russian Today noted the transparency of the country to partnership and fruitful cooperation as well as its changed brighter and more expressive image.


Key objectives of activation of international cooperation in gas sphere are discussed in Avaza

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

400 delegates including representatives of European Union, USA, UAE, Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, CIS and other states were the participants of IX International Turkmenistan Gas Congress. Members of the Government, heads of profile state concerns, scientific and research centres and high education institutes took part in the forum from Turkmen side.


King of Morocco congratulates the Turkmen leader on the beginning of Oraza

“The sacred month of Oraza is a wonderful opportunity to perceive the importance of the spirit of the confidentiality and solidarity between people, strengthening the friendly and fraternal relations in the Moslem Ummah. This is the time to intensify the efforts to enhance cooperation between our countries, follow the high ideals of our religion that denies such negative developments as disunity, animosity and extremism”, says the King of Morocco in his congratulatory address.


Altyn Asyr Football Club wins small AFC Cup

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Secretary General of the AFC Dato Windsor John, who recently had working visit to Ashgabat, presented the certificate and small Cup to the winner of D group and Central zone - Altyn Asyr Football Club of the Ministry of Communication of Turkmenistan. It was the first time for Turkmen team to achieve such high result, having been qualified to the final part of 2019 Asian Cup. This success indicates improved level pf Turkmen football school.


The concern «Turkmenmashinstroy» expands the production of electrical products and household appliances

Vladimir KOMAROV

Electric power engineering products are widely in demand in the country: fuses, circuit breakers, disconnectors, ceramic insulators, switchboards, traverses and other products intended for the arrangement of electrical networks.


The biggest fruit vegetable storehouse is built in the administrative center of Lebap region

Berdymurad JUMAYEV

The refrigeration complex is located on an area of 4 hectares. It has all conditions for long-term storage of vegetables, fruits, melons, watermelons, pumpkins, stable provision of the consumer market for region, as well as supplies of vitamin products to other regions of the country.

In the spotlight

President of Turkmenistan sends a Welcome Address to International Gas Congress participants

As one of the world’s leading countries with the biggest hydrocarbon reserves, Turkmenistan seeks to put its abundant natural resources to work for the benefit of its people and other nations. In this context, the International Gas Congress, annually held in Turkmenistan in May, takes on overriding importance. The worthwhile efforts and progress made in the country’ fuel and energy sector over the last few years have brought deep satisfaction.