Stockwater development measures are being taken in the northern region

This year by the specialists of the repair and construction enterprise “Dashoguzorisuv” will be constructed five new mine pit wells on the distant pastures of the Dashoguz region. Such wells capable of watering the flocks on thousands of hectares will appear in the place "Sary takyr" in the cattle-breeding farm "Garagum" of the etrap Gerogly, "Ishma" and "Ak gui yaila" in the etrap named after S.A. Niyazov and others. According to preliminary estimations, the depth of each of them will be several tens of meters. At the same time, 22 existing wells will be reconstructed. In total, during the year the collective of the enterprise will carry out various works in the amount of 375,000 manat.

In the structure of this branch of the Dashoguz region, along with livestock farms, farms that specialize in pasture sheep farming and camel breeding are successfully operating today. Therefore, the region pays special attention to the current state of pastures, their feeding opportunities, the availability and location of water sources. For their watering, shaft wells are widely used here, differing in depth of occurrence of aquifers and daily throughput.

Only last year new shafts were built on the pit pastures "Gamyshly", "Ak mola" and "Beauvoir-Deshik" of the cattle-breeding farm "Garagum" of the Göroglu etrap, in the "Islam" area of the etrap named after S.A. Niyazov. In addition, the team of the specialized enterprise carried out renovation works on 15 operating wells. All watering measures are invariably carried out based on strict compliance with the requirements for environmental protection, careful and rational use of water and pasture resources.