The Head of the State make 30 km cycling ride

Saturday working day of the President of Turkmenistan was forestalled by cycling ride – early in the morning, the Head of the State made cycling ride from the Kopetdag foothills to the centre of the capital.

During the ride, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov looked around the amenities of the capital’s outskirts, condition of manmade green zones which are supplemented every year with new trees.

The Head of the State arrived to the place where the Path of Health running along the mountain ranges of the Kopetdag finishes. In last several years, the Path of Health turned into one of the most visited place of Ashgabat. Numerous supporters of healthy life style regularly make the ascent along the Path.

After, the President of Turkmenistan continued his ride along Archabyl Avenue where business centre of the capital is formed up. At present, new facilities are built there by old partner of Turkmenistan – famous French company Buig Batiman.

After, the ride of the Head of the State ran along Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue and reached the Square of Independence. Thus, early in the morning, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made cycling ride, having covered 30 kilometres to his work place.

The head of the State finished his ride at the State Tribune and went to Oguzkhan Palace Complex.

Being supported and active populariser of healthy life style, the President demonstrates excellent example to be followed by the compatriots, first of all by the youth.

Owing to the attention of the Head of the State to the development of sports in the country, Turkmen athletes received excellent training base and confidently compete at prestigious international tournaments. At present time, National team trains for the main sport event 0 XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Japan in 2020.

Turkmenistan also hosts big competitions. Their successful organization was highly appreciated by competent sport organizations, which keep making numerous proposals on various competitions in our country. Organization of some competitions has already been planned for 2019 – 2020.

At present moment, preparation to the World Powerlifting Championship in November of this year is carried out. The competition will be held next to the Olympic village.

Amul – Hazar 2018 desert race is among the next big international events. Qualification round of the competitions has been taken place recently where Turkmen participants of the race were defined. The Head of the State took part in qualification competitions, having personally tested the track on sport vehicle and demonstrated outstanding result.