Industrial sector of Turkmen economy demonstrates stable growth

Plan of total volume of production of the Ministry of Industry for January – June is fulfilled by 117 percent with the growth rate of 111.5 percent comparing with the same period of the last year.

Fulfilment of production plan by the Ministry of Textile Industry reached 126.3 percent with the total growth of 124.5 percent.

Planning assignments for production of carpets and carpet items for six months of the year were executed by 127.9 percent with total growth rate by the facility of branch was 104.8 percent.

The fulfilment of the plan by the facilities of the State Concern Turkmenhimiya for the period under review was 100 percent with the growth rate of production by 110.2 percent.

Facilities of the State Fishery Committee fulfilled production plan by 101.8 percent, having significantly exceeded the growth rate comparing with the same period on the last year by 131.7 percent.