Turkmen teleport expands the spectrum of services of satellite communication

Specialists of “Turkmen Hemrasy” CJV, which have the objective of commercialization of the payload of national communication satellite, installed and launched the complex of communication systems transforming and broadcasting radio signal to the satellite via FSS cannels on June 1. Many services are available using the teleport.

High technology equipment for communication complex was provided by the leading world producers of space equipment such as Belgian NEWTEC, companies from USA, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Korea, China.

The teleport allows making multiplexing, modulation of the satellite channels and retranslating using the antennas in Ku-spectrum what increase the effectiveness of using the resource of the satellite almost three times. At present time, around dozen of companies working in oil and gas sector of the economy. The contracts for the use of services of satellite communication were made with RWE Dee A. G., CNPC, BKE Shelf, PETRONAS Carigaly and other. Other organizations and departments has confirmed their interest in the opportunity of satellite communication. Particularly, the Institute of Seismology wish to use high-speed channels for fast communication with the seismic stations. Ministries and departments of the country will be connected to the services of satellite communication.

The characteristics of the satellite gives opportunity to use it for transfer of the data between land stations, to provide the service of wideband internet, to organize distant learning medicine, video conferences as well as for other communication services. For example, use of VSAT network allows solving the issues of fast communication of the organizations and enterprises with permanent or temporary grounds, which are outside of the residential areas.

At present, «TürkmenÄlem 52.00 E» communication satellite provides the broadcasting of national TV channels as well as TV channels of companies, which wanted to use the capacity of «TürkmenÄlem 52.00 E» satellite. Turkmen satellite covering not only the territory of Turkmenistan but Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, North Africa and most part of the Europe as well broadcasts the channels of Islamic republics and Persian Gulf countries. At present, there are negotiations on the lease of transponders of Turkmen satellite with Turkish broadcasting companies as well as with the European companies for the services of satellite networks of corporate sector. The satellite has 38 active communication channels. 26 channels are used by Turkmenistan for its own needs and remaining 12 are leased to «Space Systems International-Monaco S.A.M»

Turkmen communication satellite «TürkmenÄlem 52.00E provided communication to remote settlements in Karakum Desert. Residents of several villages received the opportunity to use communication services and internet 24 hours a day. Connection of these remote places to satellite repeater was made by the state company Turkmentelekom and Turkmen Hemrasy CJV.

Introduction and development of VSAT technologies will give an impulse to new opportunities of satellite communication in the country. Turkmen specialists have the objective to involve all potential of the first satellite for getting maximum output of the project.