Turkmenistan at the flight altitude: new magazine for air passengers

Henceforth, “Turkmenhowayollary” State Civil Aviation Department renders for its passengers new type of services – entertainment-informative and educational. Magazine, which first issue was published, fully intends for it.

“Lachin” (“Falcon”) is the name of glossy, full-color and illustrated publication, which became a nice surprise for passengers of aircrafts with the emblem of falcon on its board. It is noteworthy that new magazine - the first national product of “inflight” format, i.e. specially intended for reading in flight will appear in the jubilee year for “Turkmenhowayollary”: in 2012, the State Civil Aviation Department observed the 20th anniversary since its foundation.

To date, the national airlines carry 57.5 thousand passengers monthly on 15 international directions and 90 thousand passengers monthly on inner routes. Wide audience, whose diversity of interests was taken into account in substantial content of the magazine, will be provided for free of charge magazine, which will be available not only on board the plane, but also in the halls for official delegations, VIP zones of Turkmenistan’s airports. This publication includes the related items of popular articles about Turkmenistan as well as about those countries the Turkmen airplanes fly to. They cover wide range of topics, including journey, business, cultural traditions, heritage and modern art of the Turkmen and other people of the world.

Main theme of the first number of “Lachin” magazine became Akhaltele horses. Here, it is fascinatingly told about history and distinctive characteristics of the legendary breed, famous racers, which entered into history of the world equestrian sport. Particular attention was paid to the present day of pedigree horse breeding in Turkmenistan, modern equestrian sport complexes in our country. This panorama is supplemented with sketch about amazing jewelry articles for horses. From time immemorial, the Turkmen strived to decorate the horses finely and richly, particularly in the days of holidays and solemnities.

Business pages of the magazine in this issue are devoted to the development of oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan. Focus of the publication is concentrated on favorable possibilities, opening for expansion of international cooperation with Turkmenistan in the sphere of fuel-energy complex, possessing colossal potential. It is also widely disclosed the prospects of our country as key player on the global energy market, and it is particularly topical on the threshold of the representative international forum “Oil and gas of Turkmenistan – 2012” to be held in Ashgabat in the middle of November. It is expected that this forum will host nearly 700 delegates from 40 countries.

The readers of magazine can also make a trip to Ancient Merv, familiarize with its outstanding sights and “biography”. Surely, the article about Ashgabat as the place for holding of upcoming V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts in 2017 will be of particular interest for foreign readers. Owing to it, it will be possible to know a lot about sport life of Turkmenistan, its tendencies and really Olympic prospects. In the sport section, it is also given a review of most prestigious equestrian sport competitions of the world, including the Parisian Tournament “Arc de triomphe”, where the rider from Turkmenistan made his début as well.

In continuation of the topic about main city of the country, there is reportage from the Main National Museum of Turkmenistan, unique artifacts and historical rarities of its richest collection, keeping the evidences of glorious past of the Turkmen.

The issue is completed with range of specialized information, which gives an opinion about history of civil aviation in Turkmenistan and present day of the national airline, as well as air flotilla of the country and map of routes of the Turkmen airlines, tables of international and local flights, conditions of baggage transportation and safety regulations, services and etc. In a word, it is possible to find everything, which will needed for traveler, who enjoys the services of “Turkmenhowayollary”, up to the list of foreign embassies accredited to Turkmenistan and embassies of Turkmenistan in abroad with essential contact information.