President of Turkmenistan and his grandson attends a circus performance

President of Turkmenistan visited the State Circus of Turkmenistan. The circus artists and audience were surprised with an unexpected visit of the distinguished guest. On that day, as usual at weekends, a lot of people gathered there to enjoy a circus show.

As is known, the national circus art in Turkmenistan was revived on the initiative of the Turkmen leader. The wonderful moments of the long-awaited ceremony of opening of the Ashgabat State Circus after reconstruction in April 2010 will stay in the memory of people of Turkmenistan. Almost twenty-five years have passed since its opening in 1985 and only the common architectural shape has remained of the old Ashgabat circus: now the building unique in its artistic design is faced with white marble and granite, the foyer, circus arena, seats, circus equipment, cages for animals and other objects satisfy the most advanced requirements.

The President of Turkmenistan visited the circus together with his grandson. Before the beginning of the performance, the Turkmen leader met with the circus administration, asked about the existing situation in the national circus art, the plans for its further development and improvement of the international prestige, working conditions created for circus artists and their programs.

The Turkmen leader recommended to exchange experience with the leading circuses in the world, including circus riders, whose performances are always popular in the Ashgabat circus, adorn many festivities in our country, as well as international events. It should be noted that during a recent meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, the President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution authorizing the visit of the Galkynysh equestrian group to the Republic of Belarus that will be another step in popularizing Ahalteke horses and the mastership of Turkmen skilful horsemen as well as establishing close partnership relations.

The President of Turkmenistan instructed the circus administration to involve young talented people, reveal gifted children and work hard to train circus artists. The President of Turkmenistan also instructed the relevant officials to organize tours of the State Circus of Turkmenistan across the country.

Then President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and his grandson headed to the auditorium. The audience greeted the Turkmen leader with a storm of applause.

The Turkmen leader’s visit aroused great inspiration among the circus artists who tried to demonstrate all their skills and professionalism, and did it brilliantly. The audience thanked the talented Turkmen artists for the breathtaking performance with a storm of applause.

One of the most remarkable and favourite numbers that is always a success is the show performed by the Galkynysh equestrian group. The skilful horsemen riding wonderful Ahalteke horses demonstrated the mastership of trick riding on the manege. The beauty and swiftness of truly ‘royal horses’ as well as the Turkmen horsemen’ bravery, who performed complex tricks at full tilt, fascinated the spectators.

A bright final chord of the circus show was a vocal and choreographic composition performed by young musicians and dancers.

Upon completion of the show, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and his grandson headed to the arena. The Turkmen leader asked if the boy can ride a horse. The boy smartly saddled up and led the horse on the arena with confidence. The audience greeted the young skilful horseman with a storm of applause.

The Turkmen leader talked with children, who watched the performance, asked them about their impressions and children vied with each other in sharing their emotions with President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Then the President of Turkmenistan talked with circus artists. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov thanked them for the wonderful performance, and expressing satisfaction with their work wished great success to talented Turkmen artists. Underlining that the Turkmen government will continue supporting development of the circus arts, the Turkmen leader said that US$ 50,000.00 would be allocated from the Charitable Foundation of the President of Turkmenistan to the State Circus of Turkmenistan.

The news was welcomed with a storm of applause. Inspired artists sincerely thanked the President of Turkmenistan for such a generous gift and assured the Turkmen leader that they would spare no effort for the inspired and dedicated work to bring the national circus school up to the highest level, to raise its prestige in the world. At the request of the specialists of the State of Circus, the President of Turkmenistan had a collective photo together with them on the memory of this remarkable event. Once again, wishing good luck to the circus artists, the President left the circus building.

Moreover, the President of Turkmenistan held brief meetings with the Minister of Education of Turkmenistan and Ashgabat Khyakim. The agenda of the meetings focused on creation of the most favourable conditions for studying and training younger generation, their comprehensive development and self-realization.