HC Oguzkhan and HC Galkan have started with victory

The first junior (U17) ice hockey tournament for the Turkmenistan President’s Cup started on the ice arena of the Winter Sports Centre in Ashgabat. For our young sportsmen it is an official debut on the international level thus it is good that our hockey players marked their first matches with decisive victory.

Eight teams split into two groups are participating in the tournament organized by the State Committee for Sport of Turkmenistan and the National Winter Sports Centre. Group A consists of HC Oguzkhan of the Turkmengaz State Concern, HC Silver Lions from St. Petersburg, the Russian Federation, HC Raubichi-96 from Belarus and the team from the United Arab Emirates. Group B is composed of Galkan HC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the junior team from Turkey, HC Khimik from Moscow Oblast and HC Neftyanik from Almetyevsk, the Russian Federation. These teams will compete in the preliminary rounds.

HC Oguzkhan competed versus HC Silver Lions in the first match. Our compatriots opened the scoring in the second minute of the game. The puck hit by forward A. Gilmanov was the first one in the match and in the history of the International hockey tournament as well. A. Gilmanov also made the first double in the tournament.

The first half of the match ended with the score 6-3, and the final score – 11-7 vividly testifies to the decisive victory of Turkmen hockey players.

Another Turkmen team - Galkan HC defeated 21-0 its rivals from Turkey.

HC Raubichi-96 from Belarus defeated the team from the United Arab Emirates.

The match between two Russian teams – HC Khimik and HC Neftyanik was of particular interest. The hockey players from Moscow Oblast opened the score in the third minute and defeated 4-2 the rivals.

The second round matches for the Turkmenistan President’s Cup have been held on February 12.