Topical researches of the students

Over fifty scientific projects were submitted by the Turkmen State Institute of Oil and Gas for the contest of research works of young scientists and student youth, which is annually held under the aegis of Turkmenistan’s Youth Organization named after Magtymguly.

In total, over hundred applications from prospective participants of the contest were delivered for consideration of the special commission created at the Academic Council of the Institute. The authors of most prospective ones got a right to represent the higher educational establishment at this prestigious scientific contest.

According to the contest conditions, the efforts of its participants are focused on eight most important subject trends for economy of the country. These are the introduction of innovative technologies into agro-industrial complex; ecology and rational use of natural resources; energy, fuel and economy; chemical technologies and creation of new competitive products; construction, architecture and seismology; medicine and production of medicinal agent; information and telecommunication technologies, economics and humanities.

Among the scientific projects of the higher educational establishment, it is worth mentioning the expert system on assessment of the level of health, multilingual e-dictionary for oil and gas sector, vortex heating and refrigeration supply system.

The faculty of oil and gas, which representatives fulfilled 18 of 58 themes announced for the contest, was most “productive” for scientific elaborations. A bulk of works focuses on topical tasks in the field of energy and rational use of fuels and lubricants. Several projects are connected with activization of drilling process, increase of efficiency of boring installations, exploitation and raising the productivity of oil recovery of wells.

The authors of scientific investigations also consider the aspects of rational use of water resources in various sectors of national economy, estimating the loss of water and elaborating measures for their minimization.

One of the principally new elaborations submitted for the scientific contest became the work connected with use of nanotechnologies for investigation of amorphous materials’ surface and their buffing by means of ultrasound.

The faculty of chemical technologies and ecology offered the students’ elaborations on method of coagulant aluminum sulfate production from local raw material – enriched kaolin of Tuvergyr deposit.

A large research work is carried out in the field of environmental protection. It is considered the issues on protection of atmospheric air from industrial pollutions, purification of industrial sewage, processing of waste products and creation of ecologically pure technologies.