A new transport facility

The ceremony of putting a new section of 10 Yyl Abadancylyk Avenue stretching from Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue to Bekreve highway, into operation took place in the south of Ashgabat with the participation of representatives of the Ashgabat Khyakimlik and public organisations, the elders and numerous Ashgabat citizens.

The respected elders cut the ribbon to the applause of those present. Snow-white balloons soaring up in the evening sky in the Turkmen capital to the applause of the ceremony participants heralded the opening of the new section of 10 Yyl Abadancylyk Avenue.

The ceremony participants walked along the new road section of the avenue. Then they took their seats in motor cars and buses, including double-deckers. It should be noted that young citizens of Turkmenistan were among the passengers. The ‘caravan’ of buses and motor cars turned off from Bekreve highway and moved along the new section of 10 Yyl Abadancylyk Avenue. Passengers could enjoy the splendid view of the highway from the windows.

A bright music performance was presented along the highway. Art groups presented musical and dance performances on the sections of the avenue where the Alem cultural and entertainment centre, the Palace of Happiness and the Monument to the Constitution are located.

By the way, new bus routes, which will run along 10 Yyl Abadancylyk Avenue, are developed for the convenience of citizens and visitors of Ashgabat.

The transport facility is built in accordance with the decision adopted by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in November 2011. The new 4-kilometre section of 10 Yyl Abadancylyk Avenue expands the network of traffic arteries of the capital. It exemplifies the use of cutting edge engineering solutions and high strength materials meeting the load bearing and earthquake resistance standards.

By its technical level the new road section complies with the highway construction specification. The total width of the four-lane roadway is 28 metres. The road capacity of the section is 3,000 vehicles per hour in one direction. There are the two-way access roads 4 metres wide each for the safety of buses and cars. By the way, access roads significantly offload the highway and simplify access to residential complexes, shopping centres, cafes, restaurants and other amenities located along the avenue.

Fine bituminous and porous coarse bituminous concrete with crushed stone, sand and gravel was used for the road which is composed of eight layers. Such a road bed allows ensuring high reliability of the roadway and its resistance to abrasion and indentation from the wheels of heavy trucks. It also increases traffic safety due to the high coefficient of friction with the low level of noise and reflected glare.

The road bed and pedestrian areas laid with granite setts were renewed. Kerbs of the pavements and roadway are laid with granite setts. Ornamental trees and shrubs are planted along the whole length of the avenue. There are several interchanges and panel monitors at the crossroads.

The new section of 10 Yyl Abadancylyk Avenue is equipped with modern warning, traffic control and lighting systems and information boards.