Artistic dedication to the Neutrality Day

A big festive concert performed by the masters of arts of the country on occasion of the 19th anniversary of neutrality of independent Turkmenistan took place at the Maslahat Köşgi Palace of Congress in Ashgabat.

Heads of Mejlis and government officials, heads of the diplomatic missions and international organisations accredited in our country, ambassadors of Turkmenistan in foreign states, representatives of ministries and departments, scientific agencies, higher educational institutions, public organisations, mass media as well as workers of culture and art, the elders and students attended the concert. Among the guests to the concert were numerous foreign guests, including participants of large international forums taken place in the country these days.

Popular singers, dancing, musical and folklore groups demonstrated their mastership. All the concert numberswere remarkable by their originality and expressiveness.

In general, the artistic dedication to our neutral Motherland can be compared with an original creative journey across countries and continents. The works of the world and national classical music sounded in different languages and the dances of the peoples of the world were performed under the arches of the magnificent palace.

The songs performed by young bagshis sounded highly inspired. The history and modern times were connected in the Kushtov depdi ancient dance.

The final chord of the State concert on occasion of the Neutrality Day was the song Bitaraplyk Bagty, which was performed by all participants of the concert.