The second round of the Horse of the Year contest for the most beautiful Ahalteke horse

The second round of the Horse of the Year contest for the most beautiful Ahalteke horse established by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took place in Ashgabat. The main goal of the contest is to enhance further the fame of ‘heavenly’ horses - a priceless treasure of the Turkmen nation and humankind worldwide, as well to encourage horse breeders, who devoted their life to breeding Ahalteke horses.

Numerous fans and connoisseurs of ‘heavenly’ horses gathered together at the Ashgabat Equestrian Centre. The concert performed by musical and dancing groups and bagshis created the festive atmosphere there.

It should be noted that participants of the event widely supported the new initiatives put forward by the Turkmen leader during the recent meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan with the aim to develop Turkmen horse breeding. It was reported that the President of Turkmenistan focused the meeting participants’ attention on the festivities dedicated to the Turkmen Horse Day, and underlined the significance of works on the further popularization of Ahalteke horses.

Noting with satisfaction that numerous guests from other countries, including professional coaches and jockeys, expressed an interest in participating in the forthcoming celebrations, the President of Turkmenistan put forward an initiative to organize international competitions – Ahlteke horse racing and gave the relevant instructions. Moreover, underlining that Turkmen jockeys had made significant contribution to increasing the glory of ‘heavenly’ horses worldwide and developing the equestrian sport in our country, the Turkmen leader instructed the relevant officials to draft the Resolution on awarding jockeys with ranks in order to encourage their professional growth. The President of Turkmenistan underlined that famous ‘heavenly’ horses remarkable for unsurpassed beauty, grace and speed were our national heritage.

The second round of the Horse of the Year contest for the most beautiful Ahalteke horse is a bright evidence of the systematic concern of our state about development of horse breeding in our country. It should be noted that Following the tradition, the outstanding representatives of the Ahalteke breed – the thoroughbred elite stallions at the age of 3-10 years compete for the title of the most beautiful and graceful horse.

In the first round of the national contest 40 wonderful Ahalteke horses competed for the right to advance to the next round. The jury estimated the contesters’ conformation, grace and breed characteristics and selected 20 horses.

The winners of the first round appeared before the jury consisting of highly qualified horse breeders, the Turkmen cultural and art workers, as well as connoisseurs and fans of Ahalteke horses from France, Russia, Ukraine, Czechia, and other countries.

The contest was held in two stages. Within the framework of the first round the jury estimated the composition, beauty, grace, breed characteristics qualities of the contestants paying particular attention to the harmony of movements and the ability to execute various commands. In the second round Participants appeared before the jury and numerous admirers of ‘the heavenly horses’ in all their glory, under saddle and in harness, and, of course, dressed in the traditional national horse trappings made by renowned Turkmen jewellers.

It was not easy to choose the best representatives of the breed, as audience, and jury were unanimous in their opinion that one horse was more beautiful than another one. Thus, summing up the second round of the Horse of the Year contest for the most beautiful Ahalteke horse, ten beautiful horses: Bagtyyar, Akdag, Hanpata, Ahalteke, Hanburgut, Shatlyk, Nyasingush, Ilkinji, Hanbeg and Gundogar will compete in the final.

The final of the contest will take place on April 29, in the framework of the Turkmen Horse day celebrations. at the International Equestrian Complex of the country. The winner of the final will win the President’s Prize and the Challenge Cup as well as the title of the Horse of the Year. Other participants of this captivating and spectacular contest will receive valuable presents.

* * *

Ahalteke horses of Mary Velayat competed in five rounds. Serkerde (1 minute 46.78 sec) was the best among the three-year-old horses in the 1400 meter. Among the four-year-old and elder horses competed in the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds, Serdarym (2 minutes 17.05 sec) was the first in the 1600 meter race, Pervaz (2 minutes 19.75 sec) was the best in the 1800 meter races, Jomrat (2 minutes 57.01 sec) and Gyrgaplan (2 minutes 48.88 sec) showed the best results in the fourth and fifth rounds in the 1600 meter races.