President of Turkmenistan attends ceremonies of opening new facilities

The ceremonies of opening the Bagt Kosgi Wedding palace, the hotel for 2,000 visitors and the 20,000-seat stadium took place in the Turkmen capital with participation of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

It is deeply symbolic that the Bagt Kosgi (the Palace of Happiness), which would bring the hearts of loving couples together, was opened in the Turkmen capital on such an important day in the history of our country. The coming of a young bride to a house embodies happiness and wellbeing for the Turkmen people from ancient time, and a wedding party is one of the main family celebrations up till now.

The Wedding palace located in the southwest of the Turkmen capital blends well with the architectural ensemble of this part of the city where comfortable apartment houses, the Constitution Monument, the Palace of Congress, an office building complex have been built in recent years. An eminence where the building has sprung up provides a splendid view of the renovating Turkmen capital and the picturesque foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains

The performances of well-known artistic ensembles, the Mengli dance group and the Nyazli group added bright colours to an atmosphere of the big wedding festivities. A folk music composition based on an ancient national ritual dance was presented by the Dokmacylar group.

Upon concluding the dance overture thousands of white balloons as a symbol of peace, happiness and wellbeing soared up from the open-air terraces of the Palace.

The Turkmen leader headed to the main entrance. He cut the ribbon to the applause of ceremony participants and entered the building.

… President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the 1,000-seat Ak Yol hall and the 500-seat Alem hall on the ground floor in the right wing of the Bagt Kosgi building to see the decorations, interior and conditions created for the celebrations in there. The halls are created in the national styles and distinguished by a luxurious interior.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also visited the Janin and Gulzaman specialised shops where wedding dresses and accessories for wedding ceremonies are sold. Then the Turkmen leader took the lift to the ninth floor where he visited the largest registry office in the Bagt Kosgi, Samcyrag to see its interior and conditions created in.

There the happy newlyweds, 20 loving coupes from all regions of country and Ashgabat heartily greeted the Turkmen leader. The number of the couples going to get married on that day symbolically matches 20 years of independence of Turkmenistan.

Greeting the loving couples, the Turkmen leader blessed their happy life and wished the young families love, wellbeing and many years of life together. “Today,” the Turkmen leader said, “is one of the happiest days in your lives life – you are entering a new life, creating a new family. Try to carry respect, love and mutual understanding with you for the rest of their lives.”

“Never forget about your parents, treat them with great respect and honour because they have risen, brought you up and given their best so that you will be happy on this day,” said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov heartily congratulating the newlyweds and wishing them joy and wellbeing and happy children’s voices be heard in their homes.

The young couples fixed their signatures on the documents and exchanged wedding rings in a solemn atmosphere. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had a collective photograph taken with the happy newlyweds.

Then the Turkmen leader visited the cultural and methodological centre on the third floor. The centre will aim its activity at promoting the national traditions of conducting weeding ceremonies and family celebrations.

After leaving the Palace, the Turkmen leader walked to the place where a new tradition would be created – to mark the marriage with planting a tree. Setting the lead to the young people, the Turkmen leader planted the first tree in the new garden. Following the President, twenty young couples planted coniferous trees. Then numerous ceremony participants joined them. So, a green oasis, which will encircle the palace of happiness in the near future, was planted on that day.

Bidding farewell to the ceremony participants, the Turkmen leader heartily congratulated the newlyweds on the remarkable event and wished their families love, mutual understanding and wellbeing. After the ceremony of opening the palace of Happiness was concluded, the President presented the keys to several new cars to the wedding centre.

Then the President drove the venue for the ceremony of opening the Ashgabat Hotel which was built near the Palace of Happiness.

This hotel built by the Polimeks Company was named after the wonderful capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat at the request of the leader of the Turkmen state.

The Turkmen leader took the lift to the 13th floor where he visited the rooms to see their design and conditions for created for visitors. The Turkmen leader visited the restaurant on the 15th floor. Talking to the local personnel, the President said they should render services in compliance with international standards.

Then the Turkmen leader cordially bade farewell to the ceremony participants and drove to the venue for the ceremony of opening the Ashgabat stadium designed for 20,000 seats.

…The President headed to the main entrance of the sports complex. In a solemn atmosphere the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov cut the ribbon and entered the spacious foyer.

The stadium and roads leading to new sports facilities were built by the Polimeks Company at the request of the Ashgabat Khyakimlik.

The large-scale sports facilities located in the southwest of the Turkmen capital, 1.5 km to the north of the intersection of Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue and Oguzkhan Street. The complex includes the 20,000-seat stadium and the zone of outdoor sporting areas and playgrounds. There are cafes and parking lots in the adjacent territory.

The Turkmen leader had a seat in the VIP lounge from where he could see a bright show being performed on the arena.

…The sky above the stadium was illumined with sparkling constellations of the fireworks. The national flag of Turkmenistan was raised to the sounds of the national anthem of Turkmenistan announcing the beginning of the festivities.

A fascinating theatrical show with laser and holographic effects was presented on in the arena. The main heroes of the performance were the historical personalities and legendary representatives of the Turkmen nation. Its main idea was the indissoluble ties of epochs and generations embodied in the prominent sons of the nation, continuity of ancestors’ spiritual receipts and the national moral, ethical, cultural values.

The book Turkmennamah, a wise old teacher and his apprentices appeared in the centre of the field. The narrator told the story taking the spectators away to the time when the high, proud and freedom-loving spirit of the Turkmen people arouse and grew stronger, and they started comprehending themselves as the united and monolithic nation and the belief in their predestination.

The story began with the times of Prophet Noah. Then the narration took the spectators away to the epoch of Oghuz Khan – the founder of the Turkmen nation who became famous for his great deeds and foresaw the great future of the Fatherland when the people’s cherished dreams and aspirations came true.

The pages of the glorious centuries-old history of the Turkmen nation, the images of the prominent sons of the Turkmen people such as a wise old man Gorkut ata, a legendary hero Gyorogly, a great poet and thinker Magtymguly Fraghi revived on the field.

A film about outstanding achievements independent neutral Turkmenistan had gained in the preset epoch was demonstrated on the big monitors installed on the field.

The story told about education and science which had been brought to a qualitatively new level in the epoch of new Revival. Representatives of the younger generation of Turkmen citizens dressed in cosmonaut’s clothes appeared in the arena. They flew spaceships undertaking a journey to vast expanses of the Universe.

The anniversary celebrations were concluded with a bright choreographic composition dedicated to the epoch of new Revival and the independent neutral Motherland.

The finale of the bright show was the fascinating fireworks that illuminated the sky above the Turkmen capital with myriads of sparkling constellations.