Shohrat Yamgurov is a bright representative of national kickboxing school

Photo: Suleyman Chariyev

The residents of administration division Parahat, Mary Velayat did not event think that their fellow man would be famous in the world of sports. This is the place where Shohrat, future winner of large kickboxing tournaments, was born back in 1995. It happened so Shohrat and his little sister were brought up by widowed mother and this mainly determined hardened and open character of the sportsman.

As many of the boys, he used to play football and event thought about seriously doing this sport and trained for about a year. Once having seen spectacular kickboxing fights on TV, he fell in love this martial art. Having found out that Mary has kickboxing club, 15-years old boy without any hesitation joined one of the group to the coach Chary Bekmuradov. The training carried him away so the newcomer worked hard and clearly performed all the tasks given by the mentor. At first velayat competitions, just after four months he won the bronze. After there were the second and the first places in his weight category and all these were within 1.5 years.

In 2012, Shohrat became silver medal winner of national tournament in Ashgabat. His skills and fighting technique were improving, 19-year old guy tried to compete at the championship among the adult fighters. Having lost in semi-final, he won the bronze and was included in Turkmenistan National team for participation in Diamond World Cup in Russia. And again he had a success, the first place in weight category up to 67 kg. after the win at international martial art tournament in Latvia in 2015, Shohrat became the Master of Sports. In 2015, he entered National Institute of Sports and Tourism and continued his sport career in national team but other weight category together with the study. Turkmen fighter won the gold and silver at the tournaments in Finland and Estonia in 2016. This year, Shohrat Yagmurov won another gold in weight category up to 71 kg at the Asian Championship in Ashgabat.

His coach Chary Bekmuradov notes unusual endurance, commitment, will to win and, what is most important in this sport, high speed of the fight. Shohrat is distinguished by openness and friendliness. He does not suffer for the “star disease” and always ready to help and share his experience with the beginners.