Turkmen economy demonstrates stable growth

Macroeconomic indices for eight months of the current year prove stable growth in all sections of national economy. Thus, the GDP increased to 6.4 percent including to 3.8 percent in industrial sector, 3.1 in construction, 10.9 in transport and communication, 9.2 in trade, 4.6 in agriculture and 10 per cent in service sphere.

According to the information of the ministries and branch departments, the growth rate of production in all spheres of the economy is 5.4 percent more comparing with the same period of the last year.

The volumes of retail sale increased to 17.6 percent in comparison with the same period of 2016

By the outcomes of eight months of 2017, the revenue of the State budget made 12.1 billion manats while the expenditure made 11.9 billion manats. Wages, state allowances, pension and students scholarships were completely paid. Comparing with the same period of the last year, average monthly salary increased to 9 percent.

According to the initial information, the construction of four social facilities, 415.7 engineering and 2304.4 km of communication systems, 763.1 thousands square meters of living was completed for January – August throughout the country under new edition of the Programme of rural transformation. Currently, the work is still continued on 64 social facilities, 30 water treatment plants and other infrastructural objects. 366,1 thousand square meters of living are also under construction. The volume of drawn investments made 1330.3 million manats.