Turkmen first-graders were gifted netbooks on behalf of the Head of the state

Photo: Yuri SHKURIN

The first bell has sounded, announcing the beginning of a new 2017-2018 school year in all educational institutions of the country. The state creates all conditions for young Turkmen citizens that they could receive excellent education and upbringing, to serve their native country with dignity.

Guided by this goal, dozens of new secondary schools, preschool institutions and recreational and entertainment centers, equipped with modern equipment and advanced technologies, are being built and annually commissioned in Ashgabat, velayat centers, etraps and villages.

And today, a series of architectural premières has coincided to the beginning of the new academic year in all regions of the country, in which deputies of the Mejlis, representatives of local executive authorities and public organizations, honorary elders, inhabitants of cities and villages took part.

So, in the Turkmen capital on this sunny morning a big holiday was the opening of buildings of three secondary schools in the residential area of Parahat-7 for 600 seats each, and as well as two - for 720 seats each in Keshi massif. Like throughout the country, residents of the Akhal velayat widely and solemnly celebrated the traditional Day of Knowledge and Student Youth. Festive events on the occasion of commissioning of two new secondary schools for 720 seats each were held in the Serakhs etrap.

Specialized cabinets, the equipment of which meets all requirements of international standards are at the disposal of children and teachers. Equipment for interactive learning established in the cabinets and laboratories will help visually and fascinatingly to study biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography and other school subjects. The latest technology of language labs will allow children not only to learn the theoretical material better, but also to work out the correct pronunciation of foreign words.

All conditions for the harmonious development of students, the disclosure of their creative abilities and talents were also created in schools. There are the study rooms of music and singing, sports and assembly halls, rooms for classes on labor training. There are libraries, completed with the necessary educational and fiction.

Already on the first day of the educational institutions, sonorous children's voices were heard in magnificent sports halls, in open areas for team sports. There are medical centers, canteens in every educational institution. Excellent opportunities have also been created for the fruitful activity of pedagogical personnel.

The well-organized school yards were decorated with openwork arbours and young trees. A joyful event was the distribution of netbooks to all first-graders of the country on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Opening of two kindergartens with 320 seats each was a good gift for the youngest residents of the capital's residential community of Keshi. All conditions for harmonious education, all-round intellectual development and comfortable rest for children are created in spacious two-story buildings of preschool institutions. Cozy play rooms and bedrooms with beautiful and comfortable furniture, classrooms, including language laboratories and computer classes, equipped with modern systems of preschool children's learning were provided for different age groups.

Various wall thematic panels, corresponding to the purpose of the premises are used in the design of kindergartens. Everywhere - cute figurines of fairy-tale characters and various animals are installed near the pavilions for recreation, sandpits. Special rooms for music and dance classes are provided here in order to develop creative talents, and sports and playgrounds are equipped to enhance the health of children, including outdoors.

Young seedlings were planted in a cozy yard , special pavilions with canopies for rest and various educational games were installed. A pool with warm water will be a favorite place for children's entertainment in the sunny summer days. In each of the new buildings there is a technical unit where kitchens equipped with modern equipment; laundry, ironing room, and a medical office are located.

In general, the opportunities created in school and preschool institutions help educators, kindergarten teachers and teachers to apply their abilities, knowledge and power in the harmonious education and training of young generations.

All the architectural premieres of this day were held in the appropriate national holiday atmosphere of a high creative enthusiasm and were accompanied by large concert programs.