International Surgery and Endocrinology Centre is equipped with modern apparatus complexes

Chairperson of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, members of the Cabinet of Ministers, leaders of different ministries and departments mass media, honoured elders and youth have gathered at the building of new medical centre. The guest from Germany, who were specially invited to the opening, and numerous health care industry personnel were among the participants.

The participants greeted President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Music and dance composition performed by the singers and art bands of the State Medical University added bright colour to the palette of the event.

Under applauses of the participants of the ceremony, the President of Turkmenistan cut symbolical ribbon and entered the building where he started familiarization with the Centre.

Most advance methods and high technological equipment from the leading world producers are used in the International Endocrinology and Surgery Centre. Many of the instrument complexes are installed for the first time in Turkmenistan.

The endocrinology centre consists of consultative diagnostics, angiography and radiation diagnostcs, general endocrinology, diabetology, thyroidology, endocrinology surgery, interventional surgery, intensive care and anaesthesiology, first aid and physiotherapy departments.

The centre will have different medical specialists like endocrinologists, endocrinology surgeons, paediatricians, ophthalmologists, neuropathologists, physicians, andrologists, angio surgeons and other.

There are also weight correction, dietology and nutritiology rooms in the department where metabolism and digestion malfunctions can be not only detected but also be treated by individual approach taking into account endocrinology, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal issues.

There are also rooms for functional diagnostics like electrical cardiography, X- ray, computer spirography, ultrasound diagnostics, echo cardiography. There are also Holter monitoring apparatus for control of arterial pressure and synchronized ECG registration from Medilog Darwin (Germany).

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the angiography and radiation diagnostics department. The specialists explained about magnetic resonance tomographer Magnetom Skyra from Siemens (Germany), which high capacity magnetic field and increased speed of imaging allow detailed scanning of the organism and getting clear image to detect early signs of endocrine system malfunctions.

New tomographer considerably reduce the time of the patients inside the scanner and large size of the tube of the apparatus is design for the patients up to 250 kg.

Advanced models of modern x-ray machines from Siemens – multifunctional stationary apparatus Luminos Fusion and mobile digital x-ray system Mobilett Mira for detection of structural functional changes of the organs and diagnostics of diseases with high accuracy, were presented to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during the inspection. These apparatus are distinguished from previous versions by less effect of x-rays on the patients.

24/7 work of the doctors is arranged in intensive care department; small surgery, functional and diagnostics, intensive and anti-shocking therapy rooms are provided. The department is equipped with portable reanimation and diagnostic apparatuses. New equipment from German and Japanese manufacturers – portable defibrillator Nihon Kohden Europe GmbH, mobile artificial breathing device Oxylog 2000 Plus and mobile x-ray machine Mobilett Mira MaxSiemens, multifunctional ultrasound apparatus Aplio 500 TUS-A-500/WA and many other are at the disposal of the doctors.

Physiotherapy department, along with classic, uses most modern methods of treatment of obesity, thyroid gland diseases including electrotherapy, ultrasound, beam, infrared, laser and microwave therapy. These are Endomed, Curaplus, Sonoplus, Endolaser and Radarmed apparatus from Enraf – Nonius (Holland). There are opportunities for application of magnetic therapy, wax and ozocerite treatment, reflex therapy, darsonvalization and others. Besides, the department has herbal tearoom where the patients are offered with tea, decoctions and potions made of medicinal herbs of Turkmenistan.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited lithotripsy room located on the first floor. The specialists working there told that lithotripsy is one of the main methods of treatment of urolithiasis. Blood-free distant crushing of kidney and urinary tract stones by ultrasound breaking waves is one of the important directions of modern urology at present day.

New Centre has the equipment form German company Dornier Gemini, which allows making non-contact crushing of the stones without the complication of their locations.

After, the Head of the State familiarized with the provision of surgery rooms and intensive care and anaesthesiology departments.

Surgery department with sterilization block includes 13 surgery rooms where three of immediate surgery, general surgery and two of orthopaedic, thoracic, plastic surgery and urology rooms. High technology equipment that installed there allows making the most complicated surgical interferences. For example, using video laparoscopic complex Olympusevis Вexera Iii from Japan.

Another Japanes complex ultrasound apparatus with echo sounder Aplio 50 0TUS gives high quality visualization during intra-operative study of internal organs. Application of electrical surgery equipment Erbe VIO 300 S with additional argon plasmic unit makes conditions for rapid and complete stop of internal intro-operative bleeding.

Mobile x-ray machine Cios Connect C-Duga from Siemens provides opportunity of higher positional cuts of study in orthopaedic, vascular surgery, lithotripsy, endurology and injuries. The special feature of cryodestructor Erbokryo Ca is that it allows making surgery without anaesthesiology providing the absence of blood loss and rough scars after operation. All of these is just a part of the most accurate and complicated equipment that will be used by the surgeons of new centre.

All medical equipment in intensive care rooms is connected to the central monitor Infiniti Central Station Wide by computer system Infiniti Omega from Drager.

Artificial lungs ventilation apparatus Evita InfinitiV500 and Savina 300 installed in the department are considered to be the most advanced and reliable respirators today. It helps to support life of the organism during complex somatic pathologies and injuries of lungs, during the operation and after operation periods.

The surgery centre is the first in our country where PulmoVista500 equipment was installed. It provides electrical impedance visualization of the lungs of the patient. This scanner provides all day monitoring of the air distribution in the lungs’ tissues.

Cardio defibrillator TEC-5631 for emergency medical aid to the patients with different malfunctions of cardio activity is among the list of other specialized equipment. Perfusomatous InjectomatMC Agilia and Volumat MC Agilia are used for prolonged intravenous injections of strong medicines in accurate dosage.

Hico-Variotherm 550 allows making hypo-hyperthermia. It is necessary for the patients with the symptoms of thermoregulation malfunctions. Gas meter RapidPoint 500 system is designated for rapid analysis of gas composition, haemoglobin, bilirubin, glucose, electrolytes, lactate and CO2 oxymetry.

New and effective apparatuses FabiusPlusXL, Primus IE, Perseus A500 from Drager are designated for anaesthesiology service. The unit for injection of anaesthetic gases Isofluran and Sevofluran provides full spectrum of different methods of artificial lung ventilation.

Patients with gastrointestinal tract, liver and cholagogic tracts and other organs of abdominal cavity will receive treatment in surgery department.

It also has Japanese video laparoscopic set opening new high technology opportunities for minimally invasive surgeries.

All conditions for surgeries on replacement of joints, in other words the endoprosthetics, which allows restoring the mobility of pathologically changed joints, are established in the centre. It is important to mention that modern orthopaedics is minimal invasive bloodless surgery. The arthroscopy takes special place in orthopaedics. This method allows operating knee, coxofemoral, shoulder, elbow, carpus, talocrural articulations with minimum operational injury.

Orthopaedics department has arthroscopic controller from Germany for surgery of shoulder, ankle and coxofemoral joints and operations for restoration of chondral tissues and ligaments.

Sport and aesthetic orthopaedics, treatment of false joints, endoprosthetics, treatment of post trauma pathological conditions of locomotive system are among the main work directions of this department.

The Centre of Endocrinology and Surgery has urology and rehabilitation departments, which are new and progressive approach to phased treatment of the patients with hard surgical pathologies.

The department of plastic surgery is excellently equipped. The correction of congenital, post-trauma, post-surgical as well as age-related skin changes and deformations, correction of excessive lipopexia in different parts of the body, hair growth disorder will be performed there.

Liposuction department is equipped with high technology machines from the leading manufacturers of medical equipment. Innovative unit Asclepion LaserTehnologies will allow making laser skin rejuvenation for the first time in our country.

Used body jet Evon liposuction (Germany) apparatus is an innovative unit for liposuction. It provides the opportunity for high results and for prevention of number of complications after the surgery.

The department of thoracic surgery is designed for 30 patients. Diagnostic and treatment of respiratory organs and pleural cavity using little invasive and open surgery methods are the priorities of its work. Video thoracoscopic machine Olympus Evis Exera Iii (Japan) unites the most advanced technological innovations and allows making surgeries, which were not possible until our days.

At the end of the familiarization with International Endocrinology and Surgery Centre, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made an entry in the Book of Honourable guests.