A rich festive program was prepared for Gurban Bayram

Photo: Yuri Shkurin

Turkmenistan started celebration of Gurban Bayram which will be marked for three days all over the country. According to tradition, on the first day, early in the morning in all mosques of the capital and regions a festive prayer - Bayram namaz is read.

All people visit their relatives, friends and neighbours, receive guests, make offerings and in every house tablecloths are laid lavishly to observe this bright holiday.

In honour of celebration of Gurban Bayram a rich cultural program was prepared. Everywhere - in parks, centres of culture and entertainment of the capital and regions festive actions and concerts are organized. It becomes especially populous near high swings installed as an integral national attribute of the holiday. On the improvised stages built near swings, famous actors of variety shows, folklore and dance groups perform their concert programs.

The sending of pilgrims from Turkmenistan to Mecca and Medina for fulfilment of hajj on the eve of Gurban Bayram eloquently testifies to invariable adherence of our state to humanistic and spiritually-moral customs of ancestors, promotes recognition and popularisation of universal cultural, spiritual and moral values and national relics necessary for every nation and people.