Telecommunications infrastructure expands in regions

Citizens of villages in Gubadag Etrap are provided with the modern and high-quality telephone communication. The specialists of the Dashoguztelecom Enterprise laid dozens kilometres of optical fiber cable and built up digital exchanges of various numbering capacity. This year, the works on widening the customer network, improving the quality of telephone communication and internet services have covered all regions in Dashoguz Velayat. Over 500 kilometres of optical fiber cable have been laid in the northern region by now.

The works on developing the telecommunications infrastructure and bringing the electric communication system up to the principally new level that satisfy the highest world standards have been carried out throughout the country today. These goals are set by the national reformatory programme, within the framework of each it is planned to widen the landline and mobile communications networks and lay over a thousand kilometres of phone lines in the northern region in 2015-2020. The scope of works is driven by the huge opportunities of the country in the sphere of communications and information technologies as well as the prospects of the economic development of the regions and population growth.