Turkmen pilgrims have made a hajj

The Turkmen pilgrims, who made a hajj during Gurban bayram to Mecca and Medina, came back.

On the eve of the main festivity of Muslims our 160 compatriots - representatives of velayats and capital went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they joined millions of pilgrims who arrived from all corners of the world to worship the sacred Kaaba. A special flight for Turkmen nationals was organised by «Turkmenhowayollary" Civil Aviation Service by the order of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Our pilgrims visited tombs of the prophet Mohammed and his companions in Medina and performed hajj ceremonies in Mecca at the main sacred places of Islam – the well of Zam-Zam and mosque of Al-Haram where, following the tawaf ritual they circled round the Kaaba - Black stone.

During their stay in the spiritual capital of Muslims of the world our compatriots also made divine services in city mosques.

Having returned home, in the Mosque of Spiritualty in Kipchak pilgrims performed related ceremonies and expressed the head of the state their gratitude for the support given to them to make a hajj.