Collection of post stamps as keepsakes of the Ashgabat Asian Games

In honor of the Ashgabat -2017 the Ministry of Communications has issued two series of post stamps. One of them with the mascot of the Games – alabai Wepaly demonstrating all sports included in the program of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, another - with their icons. Together they represent a small "story" of symbolics of the Games.

Considering that a post stamp is one of the attributes of statehood, such as flag, coat of arms, hymn or passport, issue of a new collection developed in the style of general design concept of the Ashgabat - 2017 and a coloristic scale of their attributes, once again underlines the high status of forthcoming competitions. Indeed, besides sports, the Game, first of all, have a great political importance and bear itself a huge charge of peace-making power.

New post stamps will become excellent souvenirs for sportsmen and fans and will also fill supplement collections of stamp collectors.

For those who are not fond of collecting, colorful signs on post payment are an original narration of a large sports festival in a miniature which is to start as soon as late this week in the Turkmen capital.