Bosporus Youth Centre organizes event dedicated to V Asian Games

Photo: Suleiman Chariyev

Round table organized by Bosporus Youth Centre is dedicated to the significance of Ashgabat 2017 Games in the context of the development of sports of highest achievements and popularization of physical training mass movement in the country.

The discussion was aimed at the understanding of the role of this grandiose sport event both for Turkmenistan and the whole Central Asian region. Media presentation has illustrated bright pages of large preparation work to V Asian Games and gave expanded image of the unique facilities of Ashgabat Olympic village and equestrian marathon started 500 days before the beginning of the Games.

It was highlighted during the discussion that Ashgabat 2017 Games, which slogan is “Health, Inspiration. Friendship”, became national mega project for popularization of healthy life style and bringing of Turkmen sports to new level and expansion of international cooperation as well as have opened new page in regional integration and sports history of the continent. The competition of such level unite millions of people turning the host country into environment of international dialog, mutual respect and trust.

The main mission of our non-governmental organization is to educate the youth in different social and legal subjects, - General Director of Bosporus Youth Centre Zalina Roshanskaya says. Closely cooperating with Magtumguly Turkmenistan Youth Organization, we try to support the upbringing of responsible and educated young generation. We held current event for the highlighting of the role of the coming Games in social life of the country.

Bosporus Youth Centre also conducts scientific, cultural, educational and sports events, presents consultation services in different social matters.