The construction of a plant in Okarem for the production of iodine from industrial waters is being completed

Specialists of business association "Chemistry - Senagat" plan to open iodine production before the end of the year. Imported process facility for processing of associated water from oil fields containing a reactive non-metal belonging to the group of halogens already located on site. The entrepreneurs recently completed the installation of auxiliary equipment necessary for the production of reagents - caustic soda and chlorine.

The iodine will be extracted from technical water by air-desorption method through the use of the latest equipment, which makes possible operate the process automatically, to ensure high quality of the products and at the same time save energy consumption. The capacity of the equipment purchased in Iran makes possible to produce up to 100 tons of crystals.

Iodine is widely used in forensic science, in technology - in the refining of metals. It is used in light sources - halogen lamps, metal halide arc lamps, in the production of batteries, heavy-duty gas lasers, in the electronic industry, in the manufacture of high-quality tires. The demand for iodine from the manufacturers of liquid crystal displays has sharply increased over the last years.

Currently, Turkmenistan ranks fifth in the world for the production of valuable raw materials. The country produces 500-520 tons of iodine per year. Within a year, it is planned to bring its output to 1,000 tons per year. This will be reached by developing new deposits of iodine-containing solutions and building high-performance enterprises in the country.