Active explore of fresh groundwater deposits conducted on the north of the country

The specialists of the Dashoguz hydrogeological expedition carried out the work on the exploration and evaluation of fresh groundwater reserves in the etrap name after S.Niyazov of Dashoguz region. Such work was due to the need to identify the level of provision of the territory of the etrap with fresh water resources, capable in the long term to make a significant contribution to the supply of fast-growing population with high-quality potable water. A detailed report on the results of the conducted exploration work for the subsequent analysis of the possibilities of using new sources was sent to the state corporation "Turkmengeology".

A number of large-scale reform programs are successfully implemented in Turkmenistan, including the General Program for the Provision of Populated Areas of the Country with Pure Potable Water. Further improvement of the water supply infrastructure strictly takes place based on the careful and sustainable use of resources, including available fresh groundwater resources. Beside the exploration of new deposits is also conducted the work in the estimation of the operational resources of underground moisture sources.

The Dashoguz collective of the hydrogeological expedition has done a great job searching for new water deposits during the current year. The drilling plan was completed by more than 121 percent for the nine months of this year. The number of works carried out includes a drilled well with fresh water in the J. Hudaibergenov geneshlik of etrap named after S. A. Niyazov, vertical wells in a number of geneshliks of the Kunyaurgench etrap. Hydrogeologists continue exploration work in the Gubadagh, Boldumzaz and the Rukhubelent etrap, study the structure, quality, chemical composition and possibilities of using new sources of groundwater discovered on the territory of the regions.