Pre-school department successfully works this year at World of Languages educational centre

Photo: Photo by author

World of Languages educational centre in Ashgabat, where training of different age groups has been organized, is gaining more and more popularity. There are the residents of various districts of the capital and outskirt etraps of Ahal Velayat among the students. The teachers of the Centre, founded under the aegis of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, are highly qualified specialists.

The decision on establishment of the Centre is another step toward the modernization of national education system and realization of its important component – the strategy of knowledge of numerous of languages, which is aimed at the expansion of the spectrum of foreign languages studied by growing generation.

If recently, the study of Russian and English languages was compulsory in school and university education together with the state language, from the last year, training time-tables were supplemented with Chinese and Japanese languages. Though they are studied not only in humanitarian universities but in high educational institutions of technical and economic orientation. At the same time, school students study Chinese and Japanese languages starting from the fifth grade.

Study of ten languages – Turkmen, Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Arabic and Farsi, has been organized in the Centre that was founded less than a year ago.

The structure of the World of Languages includes comprehensive pre-school department for the children of 5-6 years old. Under pre-school education programmes, the kids study the basics of mathematics, painting, music. Future school students study one of the offered languages – English, Japanese, French, German or Russian. Having received the first skills, the kids tried to use in in communication with classmates and teachers.

The lessons are held in gameplay interactive format using visual aids. Each study room has two zones – the study and gaming one, which divided quite conditionally. Such creative format allows the kids mastering new knowledge easier and with the pleasure.

Creative lessons are also quite interesting. The children make the characters of the favourite cartoons from modelling clay, appliqués and craftworks from different material like dry leaves, grain, macaroni, eggshells, glass beads, stones, etc.

All lessons and breaks are held under musical accompaniment. Listening to this, the kids get accustomed to national art. In good weather, the park zone next to the Centre accommodates young landscape painters.

The first practice of work of pre-school department convinced the teachers and parents in the efficiency of pedagogic and educational methods used in the process. Under targeted programme for early development of the children, the kids study with interest in the Centre. After three months from the beginning of the study, the children communicate, sing songs, read poems in studied languages and develop their creative skills with the interest.

Now, young students of the Centre are preparing for New Year celebrations – learn the poems, songs, prepare theatre performances by the motifs of favourite fairy tales. Most part of the lessons is held in foreign languages that the kids study in pre-school preparation groups.