Production of export high octane gasoline starts at Seydi Refinery

Seydi Refinery produced 100 thousand tons of gasoline with high octane number after reconstruction. Catalytic reforming unit LC-35-11/1000, designed for production of high-octane component used in production of gasoline, has been commissioned few months ago. Its capacity 500 thousand tons of gasoline per year. This unit used to produce massive output of reformed product 25 years ago. However, it have not been operated for 20 years due to the reason that Turkmenbashy Refinery covered the requirements of the country in gasoline.

Rapid growth of industrial potential of the country, improvement of the wellbeing of the population and active automobilization of the country demanded the increase of production of gasoline. For this purpose, the reconstruction of Seydi Refinery was planned. Specialist of Westport Trading Europe Limited (USA) changed outdated technological equipment as well as provided the unit with additional light straight-run gasoline de-aromatization unit with bringing of its quality to the level of extraction gasoline. Today, A-92 gasoline and diesel fuel produced by Seydi Refinery are exported.

This is not the first installation started by the company at Seydi Refinery. In 2015, American specialists put into operation the unit for production of road bitumen meeting the requirements of Turkmen State Standards. It is planned to produce more than 32.3 thousand tons of high-quality bonding material for road construction in this year for the account of the implementation of new technologies.

From the beginning of the year, Seydi Refinery processed more than 485 thousand tons of hydrocarbon materials what is 13 percent above the plan. The production of the main items – extraction and straight-run gasoline was also increased. Combined atmospheric vacuum installation with initial desalination of crude oil and secondary refinery of gasoline operates at the refinery.

The personnel of the refinery in Lebap use natural materials – oil and gas condensate received from Yashyldepe, Baharly, Yilakly, Mydar, Soltanbent deposits as well as gas condensate from five gas producing enterprises of the State Concern Turkmengas.