The winner of National championship is defined

Turkmenistan Futsal Championship ended up by the victory of Talyp Sport team. In the final, the student team won Ak Bugday from Ahal Velayat with 11:2 score.

Eight best clubs of the country that successfully qualified in regional rounds participated in the championship. They were divided into two group where they contested for the semi-final.

The club of the State Migration Service entered the semi-final beforehand in A Group, having won Denizchi from Balkan Velayat with 2:0 score and Lebap from the eastern region with 7:2 score. in the final match, the leader of the group had a match with its pursuers – Ak Bugday from Ahal Velayat. The game resulted in draw what allowed both clubs to enter the semi-final.

In B Group, Galkan team from Ashgabat had three victories and was leading the group. Talyp Sport took the second place in the group. Dashoguz and Mary futsal players who were not able to resist capital clubs have left group round having scored only one point each.

The semi-finals showed quite surprising results. Talyp Sport won the winner of A Group - the team of the Migration Service with 8:0 score while Galkan lost to Ak Bugday with 2:5 score.

The match for the bronze between two capital teams was won by the representatives of the migration service with 6:1 score.

Having met Ak Bugday club in the final, Talyp Sport demonstrated dynamic attacking game having scored 11 goals and missed only two. Representative of student team Mulkaman Annaguliyev was the best scorer of the tournament with 8 goals in his collection.