Turkmen universities actively use modern educational technologies

Photo: Victoriya NOVIKOVA

The video conference organized by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan demonstrated possibilities of digital education. The conference united six higher educational institutions of the capital.

Online lectures were simultaneously conducted at the universities named after Makhtumkuli, medical, humanities and development, oil and gas, as well as transport and communication institutions, economics and management, with the support of Internet technologies and special software support, which were held by the leading teachers of higher schools.

E learning is an effective communicative tool motivating students to independent learning and creative thinking. The using skills, studying and storing digital information contribute to the assimilation of more information and disclosure of the potential of young people.

The practice of distance learning, which more often unites representatives of different universities in the country, indicates the readiness of higher schools to implement the electronic format of training, as stipulated in the Concept of the Development of the Digital Educational System. The main goal of the organization of interuniversity video conference was to determine the readiness of higher education institutions to introduce innovative technologies.

The teleconference was organized at the end of the joint video conference at the International University of Oil and Gas, linking the University Information Technology Center on the local network with the audiences of the two faculties - economics and management, energy and engineering facilities. Teachers conducted classes with students remotely, being in the university information center.

The university's digital education system was devoted to one of the interactive presentations. The center specialists demonstrated the advantages of the E-Learning system. The software, created by teachers and students of the university is patented.

During the virtual training were demonstrated the advantages of individual online consultations with teachers. The students actively use the services of the internal information library. Today all universities of the country have extensive funds of electronic libraries, constantly updated in accordance with the priorities of professional training, which offers an important educational resource.