ICAO standards training is held in aviation school of Turkmenhowayollary Service

Photo: Vladimir Komarov

Group of young specialists who studied profile subject for three years and successfully passed state exam has started practical session on modern aircrafts simulators in the training centre. Modern flight simulators were installed for initial pilot training and four Diamond aircrafts and two Emestron helicopters were purchased for improvement of the flight skills.

Young aviators have to have 150 flight hours on D-20 and D-40 aircrafts (one and double engine) or on Emerston helicopter. During the flight practice, they practice the skills to navigate using the instruments, to take decisions in different situation and to operate twin-engine aircraft under the leadership of the instructors.

The cadets who successfully pass all stages of training on light aircrafts receive commercial pilot license and will be able to learn more complex aircrafts. After the training, they will be provided with work at the enterprises of civil aviation as they are this enterprises are the ones who made the request for pilots training.

All stages of civil aviation pilot training on the base of aviation school became possible after the opening of the capital international airport. Largest airport complex in Central Asia and one of the best by technical provision includes more than 100 facilities including multidisciplinary training centre.

More than hundred civil aviation specialists including the pilots flying the Boeings received the certificates of initial training for the years of work of this educational facility.

Admission of the students on various aviation disciplines is held annually. The school trains engine service and airframe mechanics. Profession of radio electronic and navigation technician, ground radar and navigation specialist, aviation fuel and lubricants specialist as well as airport electronic and technical equipment specialist can be obtained in the centre. Training of aircraft and helicopter pilots, engineers and other services specialists as well as English classes are carried out in the school. More than 800 aviators have the re-training annually what supports skilled and accident-free operation of modern aviation equipment and improvement of quality of passenger service.

At present time, simulator centre of Turkmenhowayollary Service provided with last generation equipment has been opened at specialized training facility. If before, the crews flying New Generation Boeings had to go twice a year for the training to England, now, the pilots improve their qualification on site.