One of the key directions of the regional development strategy is the modernization of the road network

In the district named after Gurbansoltan-Eje of the Dashoguz region is under reconstruction a section of the road leading from the administrative center of the etrap to the highway linking the Akdepe and Boldumsaz regions. The experts of the operational management of highways of Dashoguz region conducted the necessary excavations and laid a new crushed stone foundation for almost 2.5 kilometers of the renewed site. In total, within the framework of the implementation of the national reform program until 2020, more than eight kilometers of the roadway will be reconstructed and brought into line with modern standards. It will ensure the necessary speed and the required level of traffic safety.

Simultaneously, the management units in the same etrap are working on the reconstruction of the road leading from the dayhan association "Hakykat" to the gas compressor station "Yylanly".

Special attention in Turkmenistan is payed to the current road net of the regions. The state is investing heavily within the framework of complex integrated national programs to modernize the road and transport infrastructure, which is of paramount importance for the country's economic growth. Taking into account the priorities of the social and economic development of the regions, one of the key areas is the qualitative growth of freight and passenger traffic, which can meet the growing demand for transport services.