Ashgabat high-school students are the winners of international contests

Photo: Yuri Shkurin

High-school students of the capital secondary comprehensive school 70 Gurbangeldy Kovusov and Resul Dovletov were the winners of gold and silver medal of international distant subject contest that were organized by Russian educational institutions.

10-grade student Gurbangeldy Kovusov won the first prize at the 3rd International Scientific Work Contest “The Polar Star of Science” initiated by Scientific and Education Institute “The Vector of Science”, Taganrog city. The title of the leader, gold medal and diploma was given to Turkmen student for scientific work “Development of Personal Protection System in Cloud Services”, which he made under the leadership of information science teacher Annamuhamed Nurmuhammedov.

9-grade student Resul Dovletov was a silver medallist of the 6th International Distant Contest “Mathematical Mosaics” organized by Scientific and Educational Centre “Erudit” from Saratov. Physics teacher Guljahan Babaliyeva was the mentor of young Turkmen intellectual.

The teacher of the school where the prize-winners study highlighted that the students expressed more interest every year to the participation in prestigious intellectual contests organized in international format. This is the result of successful realization of innovative educational reform aimed at the improvement of the motivation of the students to intellectual and personal growth and expansion of the world outlook. Today, all educational facilities of the country have computer centres, study rooms equipped with multimedia technologies allowing achieving maximum efficiency in educational process.