The Armed Forces of Turkmenistan are 26 years

This date is observed by the ratings and officers of National Army with the successes in combat and humanitarian training in the context of the realization of new Military Doctrine adopted in 2016, which has purely defensive character. Signing the Decree on adoption of this document, the President of Turkmenistan noted that the provision of the concept of national security of Turkmenistan and Declaration on Turkmenistan Foreign Course in XXI century based on permanent neutrality, principles of peace-loving, good neighbourliness and democracy are developed in the Doctrine. The consolidation of equipment and facilities base of military sphere is continued and mastering of new equipment and armament is ongoing according to the Military Doctrine.

The results of work for the protection of land, air and sea borders of the country were demonstrated during military parade on occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Independence when Turkmenistan citizens and foreign guests were able to see fast response specialized equipment of the Armed Forces. At the same time, motorised and infantry special units, which were formed up within the last year in different troops, marched across the main square of country. -

Great attention is paid to patriotic work that the officers of the Education Department of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan carry out together with the increment of combat training, - Captain Batyr Dyadebayev noted. – Their main objective is to explain the priorities of internal and foreign policy of Turkmenistan to the personnel, to conduct military and patriotic classes. The staff of this structure are assigned to improve the awareness of military personnel and cadets on important events in life of the country and world community, planning and organization of the events on occasion of national holidays, remarkable dates in army as well to provide the libraries in military divisions with fiction and technical literature including in electronic format.

The personnel of the department prepared celebration concert with the participation of military art bands and popular artists for the Motherland Defender Day. Meetings and military ranks conferring and certificate award ceremonies to the best military staff took place in military divisions.

Military Institute organized topical exhibition demonstrating the video about modern types of weapons, machines and equipment. The conscripts observed the holiday by sport competitions as well as by different contests for the best bulletin-board and marching song.

The Defence Ministry publishes social and political quarter magazine National Army, which issues are addressed to all who is interested in national military history and modern achievements of the Armed Forces of the country. The issues narrates about the role of the army in strengthening of defence capability, about the military reform and outstanding war leaders in the history of Turkmen nation.

Editorial staff of the magazine is a creatively thinking team that tries to put actual information and learning materials with photos to each issue and gives opportunity to young soldiers to try their writing talents.

Junior Sergeant Maksat Bugrayev presented special issue dedicated to Ashgabat 2017 Games. All photos of the issue were taken the correspondents of the magazine. It has the pictures of twenty sportsmen of the Games on the pread, the personnel of the Ministry of Defence who won different medals in belt wrestling, sambo, jujitsu, Gyoresh, chess and basketball.

The Army is the soldiers who serve their military service or professional military officers. Their training and technical armament of the Armed Forces provide defensive capability of the country, its peace and prosperity, - lieutenant of the Education Department of the Ministry of Defence Yazmuhammet Ovezberdiyev says.

As it is highlighted by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the State will pay special attention to the consolidation and modernization of equipment and facilities base of the Armed Forces, training of military staff and to creation of necessary conditions for their deserved service in order for Turkmen warriors to serve their duty with honour and improved patriotism, courage and brave inherent to our people.