The country’s best etrap has been awarded

In the administrative center of Vekilbazar etrap, in the atmosphere of great celebration, in the Culture Center, surrounded by white yurts set, there were preparing the festive meal, it was held a ceremony of presenting the deserved award – 1 million US dollars to this etrap, that became the winner of the contest for the country’s best etrap.

The celebration was attended by the heads of velayat’s and etrap’s khyakimliks, representatives of public organizations, honorary elders, tenants, youth, numerous residents of the etrap.

As it is known, the contest results for the country’s best etrap were announced during the enlarged meeting of the Government, held on January 26, devoted to results of socio-economic development of Turkmenistan in 2017.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of this annually held competition, its winner was determined by criterions such as successful implementation of the Regional Development Program, initiated by the President of Turkmenistan, the fulfillment of contractual obligations on grain and cotton harvest, commissioning of social-purpose objects, and also solution of the population employment problems, environmental security, cultural-leisure activities and encouraging people to go in for sports.

Ceremony speakers congratulated the etrap residents on a well-deserved high title of the competition winner, noting that their labor deserts would be the worthy example for the Turkmen people. The festive concert contained national dances, tunes and songs.