The network of new water treating facilities improves the social and living conditions, and ecological situation in the northern region

In the Boldumaz district of the Dashoguz region, a new wastewater treatment plant is under construction. Its production capacity will be ten thousand cubic meters of treated sewage per day. WWTP is being built by the individual company "Shirin ay" and will serve the sewerage network of Boldumzas city. The structure of the facility includes more than ten objects for various purposes, including compressor and pumping stations, two reservoirs for sewage sludge, an office building, a workshop, a storage room and others. In the new WWTP, with the support of specialized equipment from renowned European manufacturers will be used modern methods of wastewater treatment, which will be pumped through the pipeline.

The process will occur in several stages: mechanical cleaning in grit, grate, sedimentation tank and oil trap in which pollution is retained, undissolved in wastewater. The biological treatment of effluents in special tanks - drains and activated sludge will be added and be blown by air coming from the compressor station; the treated effluents will be disinfected with the help of reagents and then they enter open reservoirs. The specialists of the individual enterprise are engaged in the erection of the roof of some buildings, with finishing works.

In the coming years, similar WWTP will appear in several etraps of the Dashoguz region, where, thanks to the successful implementation of complex transformation programs, construction of new and reconstruction of existing engineering and technical communications continues to be carried out to ensure comfortable social and living conditions for the population, efficient water use and environmental protection.

As an example, these are tens of kilometers of new pressure and gravity sewer and water lines constructed in the region over the past few years, enterprises for the production of clean potable water of various capacities, sewage stations and others.