Topical round table is dedicated to the World Day of Wetlands

Stable management of the wetland ecosystems were discussed at round table session on National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna timed to the World Day of Wetlands.

The meeting was organized under the cooperation of the Ramsar Regional Initiative of Central Asia and the State Committee for Natural Protection and Land Resources. Specialists of Working group of the Ramsar Convention, State Commission for provision of the obligations of the country followed from the convention and the UN environment programmes, Turkmen – British project for the improvement of birds and biodiversity protection, representatives of the Tehran Convention for protection of marine environment of Caspian Sea as well as the state sphere of protection and use of water resources, Union of hunters and fishermen, Natural Protection Society took part in the meeting.

Several presentations including on the role of wetland ecosystems for urban territories were reviewed at the session. Turkmen coastal zone where Ramsar territory – Turkmenbashy gulf, is located, is the most indicative in this context. It also includes one of the parts of Hazar State Natural Reserve, which scientific personnel take practical measures including in Turkmenbashy Gulf, which waters has protection status of international importance and Management Plan of this Ramsar Territory developed in 2010.

Outcomes of joint project performed under the Ramsar Regional initiative of Central Asian in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan supported by Japanese Government were discussed at the round table. The experts of three countries presented the recommendations for the aspects of protection of wetlands based on the analysis of their usage. The emphasis was laid upon ecological culture and improvement of the motivation of local population to rational use of natural resources, planning of natural protection measures and use of economic instruments.

Legal Advisor of Orhuss Centre, Candidate of Legal Sciences Yolbars Kepbanov noted that regulatory and legal base, which regulates the protection of the wetlands of international significance, unique water resources including water protection and coastal, sanctuary parts of water resources zones according to the Law in Natural Protection, was established in the country. New Water Code as well as the Law on Special Protection Territories protect water ecosystems and define the responsibility for economic activity on such territories.

Scientific and practical part of the event include field trip to the territory of Mergen wetland located in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat where ornithologist counted hibernating water birds.