First in the country combined cycle gas turbine power station to be put into operation this year

Commissioning works of two 262 MW gas turbines commenced at combined cycle gas turbine power station, which is under construction in Mary State Powerstation.

New high technology installation of two energy blocks with total output capacity of 1574 MW will be put into operation this year for the first time in the history of the country and Central Asian region. The power station will operate 4 gas turbines, 4 utility vessel and 2 steam turbines. According to the contract, the facility is to be put into operation before the end of 2018.

The energy is produced by gas turbine generators in energy blocks of combined installation. Gases that are produced during fuel combustion not only drive the main turbine but also go to special utility vessel where as the result of heating up of water steam high pressure is created and activate steam turbine that transfer the energy to the second generator. Hence, high efficiency of work of the power station is achieved.

Combination of two cycles of energy production allows considerably increasing the efficiency of the power station. While at normal cycle, the efficiency is 25 – 35 percent, it reaches 54 or more percent with combined type. At the same time, steam turbines rotate their own generators with 263 MW output each by using the heat. Heat energy provides the delivery of additional 526 MW to distribution networks. Therefore, almost 33 percent of power will be received without additional consumption of natural gas.

Taking into account maximum operational readiness, Mary 3 project may become a unique solution for the provision of the country’s requirements in electricity. Its location on the territory next to Mary State Power Station allows operating two energy installations for one distribution unit and does not require the construction of additional power lines. Powerful pump station with the complex of treatment facilities was built on Karakum River for delivery of cooling water.

Several similar energy units will provide the requirements of the region in electricity. Particularly, the Ministry of Energy of the country plans to transfer Ahal and Dashoguz Hydropower Stations to combined cycle under the Concept of Development of Electrical Energy Industry in 2013 – 2020. Transfer of the power stations to combined cycle will not only increase the efficiency of power installations but also considerably reduce the emission what meets international obligations.