High technologies improve the efficiency of oil wells

Maintenance teams of the Overhaul Department of the Nebitgazchikarysh Trust, which is the part of the State Concern Turkmenneft, provide uninterrupted work of the oil wells and increment of the hydrocarbon production. Just for the last year, the maintenance teams restored 605 wells against 475 planned. As a result, additional 700 thousand tons of crude oil, which exceed planned indicators on 300 thousand tons, were produced.

The Nebitgazchikarysh Trust was founded on the base of Barsagelmes, Koturdepe and Kamyshlajy wells overhaul enterprises. Its objectives include the intensification of works for service of the oil wells and introduction of advanced technologies. More than 60 teams carry out works for strengthening of the borehole zone of the wells, repair of the malfunctions of the flow strings, shutdown of the water column, etc. at the deposits of Turkmen coast.

Enterprises of the leading branch of the country including maintenance teams are regularly supplied with high technology equipment. Particularly, the Nebitgazchikarysh Trust was provided with modern lifting units – 12 sets of Chinese XJ – 450 allow making well overhaul at the depth of 5500 meters. New lifting unit was successfully tested during well No.22 overhaul at Kotur-depe deposit. Now this equipment is used all around.

Use of the units with flexible tubing strings. They are mainly used for removal of sand plugs in near wellbore zone, cleaning off the walls from wax sediments, for installation of cement bridge in production string and other works.