The Center of Young Scientists of Turkmenistan has summed up the results of the first year of work

Photo: Yuri SHKURIN

The first anniversary of the CYST was dedicated to a meeting in the Academy of Sciences with the participation of leading scientists, leaders and members of the Center and its units operating at higher educational institutions and sectoral research institutes, as well as representatives of the Mahtumkuli Youth Organization.

The results of the work were discussed at the meeting and approved the regulations on the scientific school at the Center for Young Scientists and the plan of measures of the Central Housing and Utilities Administration for 2018. It were considered the proposals on the creation of the popular science magazine "Young Scientist, Science and Technology".

The head of the CYST, Azat Ataev mentioned, that under the auspices of the youth scientific union were established more than fifty Soviets of young scientists representing universities, research institutes, and secondary specialized educational institutions.

The activists of the Center created an information database for the current work of young Turkmen scientists. It was also prepared a register of scientific laboratories. Several developments have been implemented in various production areas.

The innovations that are generated in the "business incubator" of the CYST were demonstrated during a competition organized at the AST Technology Center. Representatives of business, various state enterprises were invited to get acquainted with the best works of young scientists. In total, 78 collective and individual projects and developments were presented at the competition, the scientific value of which was assessed by the heads of the structural divisions of the Academy of Sciences and the Councils of Young Scientists.

To date, the Center has registered many relevant proposals, ready to be introduced into production. Including - the development of the topology of the integrated circuit of the first Turkmen netbook, which interested entrepreneurs of the domestic economic company "Aydin Gijeler", whose shareholder is the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan. With the support of CW "Aydin Gigeler" the first collection of scientific articles of young scientists was published.

Another example is the development of an automated greenhouse, which was successfully tested in the capital Botanical Garden. The Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan showed interest in the "passive cooling system for microelectronic circuits". This scientific work is included in the special list of the State Program for improving the efficiency of Scientific Research and Innovative Technologies in Turkmenistan for 2017-2021.

Leaders in the number of innovations among the Councils of Young Scientists are the "teams" of the Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communications and the engineering Technology University of Turkmenistan named after Oguz Khan.

It is created a popular science program "In Search of Talents" to popularize the activities of the Center for Young Scientists together with the television channel "Ashgabat". The audience can not only regularly get acquainted with the work of young scientists, but also through SMS voting to support the most promising scientific proposals and ideas.

During planning the work of the CYST for 2018, the main emphasis is done on commercializing the results of scientific activity of young scientists, using their potential for successful implementation of government programs for the development of various sectors of the economy.