“Akhal” defeated the Tajik “Khujand” team in the second qualifying round of the AFC Cup

In the course of the second qualifying round of the Asian Football Confederation Cup 2018, the Turkmen team “Akhal” won the “Khujand” club of Tajikistan with the score 1:0. The match took place in the multifunctional sports complex in the administrative center of Balkan velayat.

From the very beginning of the match, our footballers, having seized the initiative in the game, led an active play in the opponent’s goal area. The tough pressure of the Turkmen footballers forced the Tajik players to make mistakes again and again in an attempt to neutralize dangerous moments at their goal. Persistent attacks by the “Akhal” team forwards resulted in a fault of a visiting club defender, for which the referee awarded an eleven-meter penalty kick in the 17th minute of the match. Murad Annayev calmly converted a penalty, having pinpointed the ball into the corner of the goal net.

Encouraged by the success, the “Akhal” team players, continuing to attack, had several chances to increase the gap, but the score on the board remained unchanged in the first half of the match.

In the second half, the game was calmer. Apparently, both teams were satisfied with the result - the Turkmen footballers with a victory, and the Tajik players with a defeat, but with a minimal score. The match ended with one goal gap.

Home victory of our compatriots, though not significant, however was another step before the return match, in which the permit on the AFC Cup group stage will be decided. The “Akhal” team will play the next match on February 20 in Khujand (Tajikistan).

Earlier, the team of Turkmenistan successfully overcame the first qualifying stage of the Asian Football Confederation Cup tournament, having won on aggregate the Kyrgyzstan Cup holder - “Dordoi” team (Bishkek).