Construction of the international airport in Turkmenabat completes

Photo: Palvan GELDYEV

The International airport in Turkmenabat is the third ground infrastructure facility of the civil aviation of the international class, built in the framework of the National programme on the development of the national aviation in 2012-2030. New air harbours are built and the existing airports, terminals and infrastructural facilities are modernized in Ashgabat and the regions in compliance with the programme.

The new air-transport complex in the administrative centre of the eastern region, erected by the Gundogdy economic society is located 13 km away from the city in immediate proximity to the Ashgabat-Turkmenabat highway and Ashgabat-Kerki railway. Thus, the large transport hub that will allow significantly increasing the level of services offered to the people in the region and widening the opportunities of the national civil aviation was established in Lebap Velayat.

The capacity of the new air terminal complex is 500 passengers per hour. The comfortable conditions for waiting, quick registration and boarding were created there. Tourists will enjoy telescopic ladders, information boards, international communication points, storage rooms, post office, cozy cafeterias, buffets, duty-free shop, CIP-hall in the new airport.

Lounges are equipped with comfortable furniture, in some cases with fold-out chairs equipped with phone charging electrical outlets. In terms of its functionality, the passenger terminal, as well as the entire Turkmenabat airfield complex, meets the highest international standards. There are baby care rooms, children's playgrounds, first aid rooms, newspaper stands and retail stores, ticket offices, pharmacies in the airport.

Escalators and elevators make it comfortable to move around the three-story building. The arrival and departure zones are located on different floors of the terminal, so that the passenger flows do not intersect. Air travelers will get to aircraft saloons from the assembly point through four telescopic walkways.

A new runway 3,800 meters long and 65 meters wide is equipped with state-of-the-art ground support facilities - light-signal and meteorological systems, ICAO second category landing system, which allows to provide service to all types of aircrafts. The structure of the complex includes the air traffic control tower, runway supervisory units, landing systems, light-signal and aeronautical, radio equipment of European companies, as well as air-technical base offices, various technical services, a cargo terminal with storage facilities designed to handle 200,000 tons of cargo per year, a hotel for crews and dozens of other facilities.

The centralized filling station that will simultaneously serve several aircrafts, taxiways, aircraft parking spaces and apron were built, modern airfield equipment was purchased. The commissioning of the new international airport in Turkmenabat will contribute to the further dynamic development of the national aviation, the mutually beneficial trade, economic and humanitarian ties, tourism, as well as the active integration of our country into the system of the world economic relations.