2017 Chronicles: Construction and electrical energy

Photo: Yuri Shkurin

Successful social and economic development of Turkmenistan is proven by numerous indices including by high investment activity. Today, the construction complex is oriented to the realization of large-scale state programmes for industrialization, creation of modern transport infrastructure, import substitutive production and increment of export goods, living construction and reformation of the regions. Modernization and reconstruction of existing enterprises as well as construction of new industrial and social facilities are carried out under these programmes.

At the same time, such important objectives as improvement of competiveness of national construction industry, strengthening of its production, scientific and technical potential, expansion of the variety of building materials made of local resources and not yielding to foreign analogues by characteristics, implementation of efficient management methods including with the participation of private business are solved.

Outcomes of work of the industry in 2017 indicate the reaming of positive tendencies in investment and construction activity. Comparing with the previous year, the share of construction in the GDP increased on 1.3 percent. Total volume of drawn investments from all financial sources made 49.8 billion manats.

During extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers on January 26, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted in this regard that huge finances, namely around 50 billion US dollars, are invested at present time to national economy. Around 1700 large facilities to total amount of 42 billion US dollars are currently under construction at the moment.

Magnificent buildings, new living estates, comfortable and planned green zones are bright decorations of whit-marble capital of Turkmenistan, which is by right called as architectural pearl of the region. Ashgabat becomes more beautiful every day expanding its borders of rapidly developing megapolis that deserves to be among the most beautiful capitals of the world. Creation of favourable environment and conditions for life and work of the citizens, providing of all opportunities and services for comfort rest and useful time spending are the main concepts of its development.

The decision of the Head of the State to build not only high comfortable living buildings but also the cottages along with the modernization of existing living fund is aimed at the achievement of set targets. It will also allow expanding the opportunity of the citizens to choose suitable and comfort living meeting modern requirements and personal preferences.

It is visually indicated by Taze Zaman living estate where 320 single-storey and 64 double-storey cottages with spacious rooms with furniture, equipped kitchens and terraces have been built under another stage of construction.

New living estate is built in northern part of the capital in Choganly. More than 330 families have celebrated new house-warming party in the cottages built in this place last year.

Ceremonies on occasion of putting of multi-storey living houses and social facilities into operation were held in Mir 7 micro district.

White-marble buildings have grown on Ankara Street. Total cost of the project that was implemented by the financial support of oil and gas complex and private investments is more than 220 347 000 manats. Hospital with modern medical equipment and two 12-storey 72-appartment living houses with underground parking have been built by the order of fuel and energy complex. Like in all houses of such type, they have all optimum amenities for the tenants.

Opening ceremonies of cottage living complex built under the 15th phase of the capital development were held the day before the Independence Say with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Opening of fashionable buildings – 2-storey cottages and 3- and 4-storey high comfort accommodation buildings took place in the southern part of Ashgabat where new district with social and cultural facilities and modern living infrastructure has been built.

Together with the building mentioned above, architectural ensemble of the 15th phase of Ashgabat development includes twelve 12 –storey 72-apartment and six 12-storey 48-apartment high comfort living houses, 11 shopping centres, school for 600 students and kindergarten for 160 children. All relative engineering, technical, road and transport infrastructure has been also made.

Works for Ashgabat development, renovation of its appearance, construction of sport facilities and creation of hospitable environment received unusual expansion during preparation of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Although the Games that were held at the arenas of the Olympic village having no analogues in the region are the biggest project in the history of Turkmen capital having large status importance, the goals that country targeted, having become the host of the largest competitions of entire part of the world, go far ahead.

Opening of the Institute of Municipal Management and three-storey complex of new chemical faculty of Turkmen State University, Dental Training Centre and Scientific and Clinical Centre of Eye Diseases, which are the part of structure of Turkmenistan State Medical University, International Surgery and Endocrinology Centre, dozens kilometres of urban roads with necessary infrastructure like multilevel intersections, underground passes and flyovers are among important events of 2017.

Cultural and Entertainment Centre Gala was built in picturesque gorge on the background of mountain range of magnificent Kopetdag. It supplemented modern hospitality infrastructure that is formed up in Ashgabat and in the country. Cultural, recreation and entertainment facilities are integral part of such infrastructure.

Other new buildings of the capital include the Centre of Non-governmental Organizations of Turkmenistan accommodating the Democratic and Agrarian Parties, National Trade Union Centre, Women Association, Magtumguly Youth Organization, Peace Fund of Turkmenistan. Shopping centre Bereketly with the market was built in Mir 7 living estate and 3-storey hospital in Keshy living complex. Automobile bridge with three-level interchange was erected at the intersection of N. Andalib and Gurbansoltan-eje Avenues and Trade and Service Centre Altyn Zaman on A. Navoyi Street.

Sculptural compositions were built on the roundabouts of the capital road – intersection of N. Andalib and Oguzkhan Avenues and intersection of N. Andalib and Gyorogly Streets. Round construction of Dowamat Stella is formed by six curved columns in the shape of the crescent symbolizing six sons of Turkmen forefather Oguzkhan.

Another Stella Alaw is made of three steel columns rising high in the shape of flame. Its artistic concept traces the idea of common heart, prosperity and wealth what indicates special respect of Turkmen nation to dastarkhan.

In addition, the roundabouts on Andalib Avenue are decorated with another two monumental facilities. 20 meters height Derejilik represents the metal construction in the shape of symbolical flames and ancient scrolls on the 30 metres diameter podium while 18 meters Sahyr Stella is made in the shape of flower with inkpot and huge white quill symbolizing poetic inspiration and talent.

Achievements and prospects of development of urban construction were widely presented at XVI International Exhibition “White City Ashgabat”. Big specialized forum became efficient ground for the dialogs between the partners and for active exchange of practices in using of new world developments in this sphere. Growing number of participants includes numerous foreign and national companies that are interested in consolidation and activation of their presence in the country of rapid economic growth and attractive investment climate.

Leading partners of Turkmenistan «Bouygues Turkmen», «Polimex», «NATA», «Gap Insaat» and other presented their models of various facilities, advanced technologies and developments related to the provision of optimum conditions of living in urban environment and to the management of urban municipality including such directions as construction, water supply, lighting, road construction, active leisure infrastructure and other.

Important social project is the programme of construction of living for disabled people and other categories of the population who require social support that started in January 2017. 48-apartment living houses were opened in Ashgabat, Tejen and other administration centres of the velayats on International Neutrality Day.

Making regular working trips to the regions, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov personally inspects the progress of the reforms expanded in all parts of Turkmenistan and the measures taken for improvement of social and living level of people, implementation of important infrastructural projects aimed at the solution of the objectives for industrialization of the country and maximum involvement of existing potential.

Utmost attention is given to the realization of National Programme for transformation of the regions until 2020, which is to provide high living standards, optimum work and rest conditions.

10 social facilities, 623.6 km of engineering networks, 1214300 sq. m. of living were built for the last year under this programme. At present, time the construction of 31 water treatment complexes, 59 social facilities, 352 sq. m. of living as well as engineering and communication systems are under construction.

The list of new facilities that were opened in the region allocates special place to magnificent white yurta «Nowruz ýaýlasynyň ak öýi» built in Ak Bugday etrap in the mountain valley of Ahal. Actually, this is large concert hall made in the shape of huge Turkmen yurts, arena for public events of national and international level, celebration performances.

Of course, the yurta is no longer a dwelling, however, but going beyond these limits it became the embodiment of the respect of traditions, family foundations, sacredness of family hearth and unity. It is worth reminding that in November 2015, «Türkmeniň ak öýi» was ceremonially opened in administration centre of Mary Velayat.

There is production of glass by float method among technological innovations. This technology was put in the base of the project of industrial complex in Ahal Velayat. The plant in Ovadandepe with output capacity of 7.2 million sq. m. of production per year is designed for production of seven types of glass including clear and tinted, laminated and tempered for production of windows as well as various glassware like bottles of medicines. Work of the facility will allow reduce the import in this segment and export the production as well.

Mini plant for production of ceramic tiles designed to make 30 thousand m2 of product per year was opened in Dashoguz last year. The facility is provided with specialized equipment. Moe than ten different items are produced at the facility from local materials.

Priorities of urban construction policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov were reflected in new Law on Architectural Activity. This document defines legal, economic and organizational basis of architectural activity and is aimed at the formation of favourable environment for life of people, achievement of aesthetic expressiveness, reliability of the buildings constructions and complexes, wide practical implementation of advanced architectural, engineering and technical ideas.

Dynamic progress of national economy dictates the necessity of systematic increment of power of national energy sphere. According to the Concept of Development of electrical energy industry of Turkmenistan in 2013 – 2020, large-scale projects aimed at further modernization and construction of power stations, lines, distribution substations are implemented, power provision and lighting of the capital and other cities and settlements systems are renovated.

New power stations with last generation equipment built in Ashgabat, Ahal, Balkanabat, Lebap, Dashoguz and Avaza National tourist zone are in the structure of energy system of Turkmenistan that at present time completely covers its requirements in energy and export it to foreign countries together with the flagship of the industry – Mary Power Station.

At present time, the construction of first in the country combined steam and gas 1574 MWt power station is carried out by the request of the State Electrical Energy Corporation Turkmenenergo on the territory of Mary Power Station. Four gas and 2 steam turbines from the famous General Electric (USA) will be installed at new facility.

Another gas turbine 432 MWt power station will be built in Charjew etrap. Relative contract was made between the State Electrical Energy Corporation Turkmenenergo and Japanese Sumitomo Corporation.

Innovations introduced to the industry as well as huge reserves of natural gas in the country, which is one of efficient and environmentally friendly fuel for power stations, support efficient solution of the objectives of strategic sector of the economy.

Large perspectives for construction complex and electrical energy are opened by the Programme of the President of Turkmenistan on social and economic development of the country in 2018 – 2024 that stipulates active investment policy. It is planned to allocate 240 billion manats to social and economic development of the country in coming seven years. It is also planned to build thousands of production and social facilities, millions of square meters of living. Crediting system and granting of land plots will be steadily developed for provision of young families with living.

It is worth mentioning that population and living fund of Turkmenistan census will be conducted in 2022. This work is planned for successful realization of the government, regional and profile programmes, provision of reliable statistic information for the development of the State Budget and efficient living policy.

Total volumes of electrical energy will reach 33 billion kilowatts per hour by 2024. Comparing to 2018 it will be 27.2 percent more and the volumes of export will increase several times.