Luxurious hotel "Karakum" with business center is a new landmark of the capital

The nine-story building of the hotel complex with a business center is built near the Ashgabat International Airport, at the intersection of Atamurat Niyazov and Haji Ahmet Yasawi streets.

The building with unusual shape and decor in which the modern tendencies of urban planning and the traditions of national architecture is organically combined, will decorate the northeastern part of the city. According to experts, the project will become another architectural symbol of the dynamic development of the Turkmen capital.

Smooth contours of the central part of the building with goldish glaring and two side bulks resemble sand waves, a semicircle embracing the adjacent territory, which will remind a blooming oasis.

According to the authors, the architectonics and design of the new hotel will embody the image one of the unique natural sights of Turkmenistan - the Karakum Desert, along which ran the caravan trails of the Great Silk Road. A yurt, organically complementing the architectural ensemble, will emphasize the national flavor. The style and design of the hotel, including the goldish glaring is intended to become a visible symbol of the traditions of hospitality that the Turkmen people have known for centuries.

Complexity of the object allows designers to realize the idea of creating an expressive and memorable image, which will be located on an area of 6.9 hectares and will combine the functions of a fashionable hotel and business center. In the 9-storey building will be placed 87 rooms: 17 - standard, 8 – suit class, 47 - luxury, 15 - super-luxury. There will be a fountain complex on the territory of the hotel, sports and children's playgrounds, an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a parking lot. In the project is also foreseen a shopping center, a restaurant for 150 seats, celebrations hall for 500 seats, beauty salons.

The availability of modern infrastructure - first-class roads, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, museums and numerous architectural monuments in Ashgabat allows successfully developing of international tourism, which is an important factor in the evolution of the national economy.

The state encourages the development of hotel services in the country to meet the needs of tourism services. For example, only this year in the Turkmen capital starts the construction of several fashionable hotels.

For travelers, the hotel should be associated with hospitality, coziness and comfort, becoming a place where they want to return. To acquire new sensations and have a good time is possible logging in such a high-class hotel with original architecture and stylish design solutions like "Karakum".